Watch Ari Lennox’s First Performances of “POF” And “Waste My Time”

Ari Lennox’s age/sex/location album is here, and she is not falling victim to the sophomore slump. On Tuesday night (Sept. 20), the singer-songwriter made her first appearance since the LP’s release, performing a medley “POF” and “Waste My Time” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In a dazzling silver cutout gown under deep blue lights, Lennox, 31, took centerstage for an enchanting live rendition of both records. With “POF,” the singer reflects on the age-old phrase about “plenty of fish in the sea,” while lamenting that no one worthy is swimming her way. Naturally, “Waste My Time” was a fitting follow-up.

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Back in July, Lennox told VIBE that this album is one where she’s “more aware, more evolved, [and] more, not putting up with certain sh*t I don’t like,” as opposed to romanticizing everything and being naive.

She also added, “I want [the album] to get to shine like it deserves.” As for the visuals, the singer promises “music videos in a light where you’ve never seen [her] before. Just beautiful, phenomenal ideas and quality. Lots of exciting things pertaining to the album.”

Lennox has already released videos for “Pressure” and “Hoodie,” as well as a surprise EP titled Away Message. Watch her full Fallon performance above.

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