Watch Andrew Garfield Fall on Hard Times in Thriller '99 Homes' (New Trailer)

The mere thought of losing your house can be terrifying. The upcoming thriller 99 Homes stars Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man series) and Michael Shannon (Man of Steel) in a movie that plays on such a fear.

Garfield plays Dennis Nash, a victim of foreclosure forced into criminal servitude by the man who snatched Nash’s home — ruthless businessman Rick Carver (Shannon). After being thrown out in the street along with his son and mother (Laura Dern), Nash fulfills his deal with the devil, evicting other helpless families, in the hope of saving his house. The catch is the work gets more and more gruesome as he falls deeper into Carver’s debt.

What makes this even more unsettling: 99 Homes, opening in select theaters Sept. 25, is based on true events.