Watch Amanda Lepore thank Drag Race star Trinity The Tuck for Snatch Game impersonation: 'She's my goddess'

You can't sit with the Plastics of club couture — they're too busy fawning over each other.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 winner Trinity The Tuck received a special surprise video message from one of her idols, LGBTQIA+ icon Amanda Lepore, during EW's cover shoot for the upcoming All Stars 7 competition, and the resulting exchange is powerful enough to move a mountain of freshly injected Botox.

"Hi Trinity. I loved your tribute to me. It was such an honor. Love and kisses," Lepore says in the video, referring to Trinity's season 9 Snatch Game impersonation. A smiling Trinity watches before exclaiming, "I absolutely love Amanda! She's my goddess."

Trinity the Tuck EW interview
Trinity the Tuck EW interview

EW Amanda Lepore thanks Trinity The Tuck for her 'Drag Race' impersonation on 'Snatch Game'

Trinity says that she fell in love with Lepore after discovering her music, which touches on themes that resonate with her life.

"She's one of the original club kids, and just what she's been through in life and who she is and how graceful she is and humble, she's a superstar and she's amazing, I just love her," she explains. "I wanted to do her for Snatch Game because I related to certain things. Through life I've definitely questioned my gender, I also love plastic surgery, I love to alter things, and I think that she's just the epitome of unique beauty, because who cares what the beauty standard is."

RuPaul's Drag Race digital cover
RuPaul's Drag Race digital cover

Vijat M for EW Trinity The Tuck for EW

Elsewhere in her cover interview, Trinity says that All Stars 7 will hopefully silence drama "created" by Drag Race fans regarding her shared victory with fellow All Stars 4 winner Monét X Change, who also returns to AS7 for another shot at the crown.

"I think at the beginning — I can't speak for Monét — but for myself, I think I was a little peeved that we had to split the title," she says. "After getting the money I was like, okay, girl, whatever, triple crowning. As long as I got the check and it cleared, we were good. But, I'm fine with it now, and I love talking about it because what's better than one queer person winning than two?"

Trinity returns to the AS7 competition against fellow champions Raja, Jinkx Monsoon, Yvie Oddly, Monét X Change, Jaida Essence Hall, The Vivienne, and Shea Couleé on May 20 via Paramount+. Watch Trinity's full solo interview above, and read EW's cover story here.

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