Watch Adorable Home Videos of Pete Davidson and His Grandfather 'Poppy' at Christmastime

Gillian Telling
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Pete Davidson and his grandfather, Stephen "Poppy" Davidson, are using technology to stay in touch for the holidays.

Their new ad for the Echo Show, which is essentially an Alexa device but with a screen so users can see each other as they're chatting (and are able to "drop in" with each other), shows adorable unseen footage of Pete, 27, when he was a little kid at Christmas time.

"I hadn't seen those videos in a while, and I couldn't believe that Poppy had them," Davidson tells PEOPLE. "He filmed so much stuff when we were growing up so I didn't know he head those videos. It was a little concerning, because I saw them and was like, 'I don't remember any of this,' " he says with a laugh.

Davidson said he's loving the new device, especially since this year, Poppy, who lives near Davidson and his mom in Staten Island, won't be able to be physically present with the comedian this Christmas.

"He's pretty much going to be with us at Christmas, just on a screen, which is very awesome and insane," the Saturday Night Live star says. "They're cool — and they're easy to use."

Stephen "Poppy" Davidson, who was Pete's costar in his film The King of Staten Island, agrees that the tech is simple.

"The truth is, I'm not what you would call a techie," he says. "But with this, I can use it. It keeps me in touch with my grandson and the rest of my grandchildren."

As for any Davidson family holiday traditions, both generations say they are big movie buffs and love talking about films after dinner. They also always watch the same thing year after year.

"We always talk about movies after dinner," says Davidson Sr. "The one movie that we play each year is a family favorite — It's A Wonderful Life, and that goes back to Pete's father's time."

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Stephen Davidson lost his son (Pete's dad) Scott Davidson, a firefighter, during the Sept. 11 attacks, and Amazon will be donating $1 million worth of devices to organizations supporting frontline workers and first responders, including Answer the Call, a foundation that supported the Davidsons after 9/11.

Pete adds that every year during the holidays, they visit his father's grave, but other than that he has no new traditions of his own.

"I can't cook, so I'm basically the door greeter for when people come over," he says with a laugh. "That's what I'm good at — answering the door."