Watch a Cagey Harrison Ford Almost Shut Down David Letterman on a 1982 'Late Night' Appearance

These days, Harrison Ford’s cranky and monosyllabic dealings with the press have become part of modern Hollywood lore.  So it’s amazing to see that even when he was in his heyday of dashing action stardom — with the bloom of Star Wars and Raiders still at its freshest — the actor was already a skilled conversation-stopper and creator of uncomfortable moments.

Check out his fantastically awkward 1982 appearance on Late Night with David Letterman to promote Blade Runner and note how Ford’s inexpressive, eye-rolling, aloof demeanor had the famously glib host gasping to keep the interview alive.

Best moment: Ford’s chin-first sneer-down when Letterman jokingly asks if he gets  “Any dough” from Indiana Jones merchandise and Ford shuts him down with a conversation-killing: “Let’s not talk about money.”

Second best moment: Catch how fast Ford flees when the interview ends in the second of this two-part video.