Washed Up Ex-SNL Comic Tries To ‘Stay Relevant’ By Mocking Matthew Perry’s Death

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A former 'SNL' writer has decided to become public enemy number one by relentlessly mocking the death of beloved actor Matthew Perry.

Comedian Kevin Brennan took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to throw a jab at the circumstances Perry was found in at the time of his death.

After getting called out by fans for his tasteless comment, Brennan doubled down by stating how much he "loves when junkies die."

Ex-SNL Writer Mocks Matthew Perry's Death


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Matthew Perry May Have Predicted His Death In A 'Friends' Episode

In what many are tagging as distasteful and crude, former 'Saturday Night Live" writer Kevin Brennan chose to mock the passing of "Friends" star Matthew Perry on X with a demeaning comment about his death in a jacuzzi.

Brennan responded to an article on Perry writing, "DROWNED IN A HOT TUB. HAHAHAHA." 

The comic came under fire from several people, slamming him for resorting to making jokes about a person's death.

One comment read, "This man is mourned because he made us all laugh. Something clearly no one will say the same for you when it's your time."

Another person tweeted, "You are a lowlife human being and pathetic. You’re probably jealous of him because you will never be [as] wonderful as he was. Karma."

"Definition of a pathetic attempt to get attention right here. I didn't know you existed until today and I can see why. Going to go forget about you now.. my life will be better for it," a third person wrote.

Kevin Brennan Doubles Down On Cruel Joke Perry's Death

Washed Up Ex-SNL Comic Tries To 'Stay Relevant' By Mocking Matthew Perry's Death
Instagram | Kevin Brennan

Despite getting criticized for mocking Perry, Brennan decided to double down with a more tasteless comment about the late actor.

Brennan wrote, "I didn’t mock it. I just thought it was funny. But I do love it when junkies die."

This led to a fresh onslaught of comments from fans of Perry angry at Brennan's uncouth remarks.

One person wrote, "Are you that desperate to try and stay relevant? Until the TMZ article no one knew who you were. Millions knew & loved w/o hesitation Matthew. His past didn’t change that, and it made him stronger. He passed away with more class, & dignity than you could ever hope to have."

Another person tweeted, "Does it get any lower than this? Someone using another person's death to get noticed ... to get attention maybe because they are washed? You got your attention, and no, we still do not know who you are -and we don't care to find out."

A fan of Perry's said, "It is not funny. He had family & friends that will miss him. How would you like for someone say something like this about your recently deceased loved one?"

"I see by how many replies you get to all your posts how famous you aren’t. Being that your claim to fame is writing for SNL for 1 year tells me all I need to know. Just in case there’s a tiny bit of a heart in your body, cruel isn’t funny and neither are you," another person tweeted.

Matthew Perry's Fans Flood Kevin Brennan's IG Page, Edit His Wikipedia 

Washed Up Ex-SNL Comic Tries To 'Stay Relevant' By Mocking Matthew Perry's Death
Instagram | Kevin Brennan

Despite not having put up a post on Instagram in the past 70 weeks, Brennan's page was brimming with activity following his crude comments on Perry's death.

Fans pointed out how pathetic it was that the 63-year-old comedian was attempting to get famous by mocking Perry.

A person said, "Most of the world doesn't know who you are but I do know that you are vile!"

Another wrote, "Scum making fun of the deceased lets see how many miss you when your six foot deep in the ground."

Washed Up Ex-SNL Comic Tries To 'Stay Relevant' By Mocking Matthew Perry's Death
Credit | Wikipedia

Over at Wikipedia, Brennan's page got edited with a scathing description reflecting his recent comments on Perry's death.

Brennan's new bio reads, "Kevin Brennan is a rude, tasteless, stand-up comedian, podcaster primarily known for mocking Matthew Perry’s death. He is the host of the Misery Loves Company podcast, and is not really known for his work on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update in 1999 and 2000."

Brennan's new description seems quite fitting, considering how he has decided to present himself in light of Perry's unfortunate passing.

Matthew Perry Fans From Around The World Mourn His Passing

Anti-Depressants, Anti-Anxiety Meds Found In Matthew Perry's Home

The morning after Perry's passing was announced, hundreds of fans from around the world reportedly traveled to New York City to pay tribute to the late "Friends" star.

The venue for the gathering made it more special and sentimental as fans assembled at the apartment where Perry's iconic TV character, Chandler Bing, lived.

There were handwritten notes, letters, flowers, and pictures, all honoring the memory of Perry along the streetlight at the corner of the building located in Manhattan’s West Village, per People magazine.

As we previously reported, Perry died in a jacuzzi after a 2-hour game of pickleball. No illegal drugs were found at the scene, but there were prescription pills. At the moment, it is still being determined what exactly led to his death.

Rest in peace, Matthew Perry.