Wash. Firefighters Save David Hasselfluff the Cat from Blaze with the Help of a Pet Oxygen Mask

david hasslefluff the cat rescue
david hasslefluff the cat rescue

Bellevue Fire Dept/Twitter

On National Cat Day (Oct.29), a Washington feline was spared one of its nine lives when the Bellevue Fire Department responded to a large fire at a local house.

According to FOX 13, before the blaze made it too dangerous for firefighters to enter the house, the rescuers pulled a cat named David Hasselfluff from the flames. They used a pet oxygen mask to help the pet, who was suffering from smoke inhalation.

"David Hasselfluff is in good hands with our paramedics," the Bellevue Fire Department tweeted on Oct. 29, along with a photo of first responders cradling the cat in their arms.

The cat's human family members all escaped the fire, which destroyed a large portion of the home, uninjured, the outlet reported.

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Unfortunately, the house fire was fatal for some. According to a GoFundMe started to help cover David Hasselfluff 's medical bills, the cat's owners lost four pets in the fire, and another feline is presumed dead.

After firefighters saved David Hasselfluff from the blaze, the cat was taken to an animal hospital to receive emergency veterinary care. The GoFundMe for the feline provided an update on the pet's condition.

"Hasselfluff is recovering fantastically today. He's on room air, eating well and he's off fluids as well. The plan is to arrange a visit for the family tomorrow, and he should be able to join them again soon, once an appropriate temporary accommodation is found," the fundraiser update, written by a relative of David Hasselfluff's family, read.

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"Thank you everyone for your kind words and donations, it's wonderful how many people have reached out to express their support in a difficult time," the update added.

Those interested in helping with David Hasselfluff's recovery can learn more through the cat's GoFundMe page.