Warsaw denies connection to Polish volunteer group’s actions near Russia’s Belgorod Oblast

У польському уряді заявили, що не пов’язані з діяльністю польських добровольців
У польському уряді заявили, що не пов’язані з діяльністю польських добровольців

"The Polish Volunteer Corps described in the media is in no way connected with the Polish Armed Forces or any Polish institution," the Polish government representative said.

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“The activities of Polish volunteers who support Ukraine in its fight against Russia should not be conflated with the authorities of the Republic of Poland.”

Earlier, fighters of the Polish Volunteer Corps reported that they, together with the Russian Volunteer Corps or RDK and the Freedom of Russia Legion, are participating in raids in Russia.

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The RDK clarified that Polish volunteers provide escorts for convoys of prisoners, and military and medical logistics – but only within the state borders of Ukraine.

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