Do this if you want to watch the Super Bowl for free (without cable)

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Fubo TV.
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The Super Bowl is coming up fast so it’s time to solidify your plans on how you’re going to watch it. Hopefully, you’ve already snapped up one of the best TV deals but what about how you plan on streaming it? The best method is to use FuboTV. It has a free trial so you can sign up now and enjoy a full week of FuboTV including the Super Bowl this Sunday. There’s no guarantee it’ll still be on offer on Sunday so it’s a smart move to sign up now to avoid missing out. Here’s what FuboTV has to offer.

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Why you should sign up for FuboTV

FuboTV, or Fubo as it’s also known, is a huge deal for sports fans. The live TV streaming service focuses predominantly on offering all your sporting needs. Depending on the plan you choose, you get at least 182 channels to check out. These include options like beIN Sports, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fubo Sports Network, Golf Channel, NFL Network, and a heap more. There are non-sports options too like Comedy Central and National Geographic but its biggest strength is its sporting content.

That makes it the perfect candidate for checking out the Super Bowl with a FuboTV free trial giving you a week’s worth of access without having to pay a cent. Team it up with one of the best TVs and you’re all set.

Much of Fubo’s live sports coverage is available in upscaled 4K and that includes the Super Bowl on CBS 4K. A regular schedule lists all the other events available in 4K including plenty of Premier League coverage. Fubo works across pretty much every device you can think of but make sure your device has 4K capabilities if that’s a priority for you.

FuboTV normally costs from $75 for the Pro plan with Elite and above costing from $90. However, if you sign up for a FuboTV free trial, you get a week’s worth of unrestricted access entirely for free. It’s such a good deal that we can’t be confident or guarantee that it will stick around during the Super Bowl weekend given it’s such a cheap solution. That’s why we’re recommending you sign up today. By doing so, you get FuboTV free all week long with the trial expiring the day after the big day. Unmissable, right? Check it out now by tapping the button below.

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