They Want it, They Got it! See Where the Rich Teens From ‘My Super Sweet 16’ Are Now

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Remember My Super Sweet 16? The show, which chronicled the lavish and expensive parties of super-rich kids, was both admired and hated. On one hand, the series showcased some pretty impressive parties, on the other, it glorified spoiled, bratty behavior as whiny teens pouted to their parents about getting a Mercedes-Benz in the wrong color. After seeing them act up on TV, most viewers are probably curious to see where those teenagers are now.

The show was an instant hit when it premiered in 2005. The idea that teenagers were throwing themselves lavish parties that cost somewhere in the $100,000 range and even higher shocked America and ignited much anger and criticism — but that didn't stop its popularity. It ran for seven seasons, showcasing 77 over-the-top parties that each got increasingly more ridiculous than the last. From marching bands to horse-drawn carriages to elephants, the celebrations had no limitations.