'WandaVision' finally reveals its true villain and it's not who many fans have been suspecting to see for weeks

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  • Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for the seventh episode of "WandaVision."

  • The episode's end finally reveals the show's real villain.

  • It's not Mephisto (yet) as many fans had theorized. The hints were there all along.

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This week's "WandaVision" finally revealed more of what's really going on in Westview.

If you've anxiously been awaiting to hear the name Mephisto on "WandaVision," sorry. It looks like it may not be happening. (Just yet, anyway.)

Instead, Friday's episode confirmed that Agnes, Wanda's overly eager neighbor, has been behind a lot of the mischief in the Jersey suburb.

Late in the episode, Agnes reveals her true identity to Wanda. She's none other than Agatha Harkness, a character which many comic fans will recognize and have theorized about since the show's premiere.

wandavision 107 agatha harkness
Agnes reveals she's Agatha Harkness. The alias is a combination of her first and last names. Marvel Studios

A (pretty humorous) number then plays called "Agatha All Along" revealing that she's been pulling "every evil string" behind the scenes. Yes, it also seems she was responsible for creating Pietro. (Guess she didn't know what the real one looked like for reference.)

Agatha even gleefully owned up to killing the twin's dog, Sparky. How rude.

agatha killed sparky wandavision
Watch out puppies. Agatha has no chill. Marvel Studios

Who is Agatha Harkness?

Without getting overly complicated since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is likely taking liberties with the character, Harkness is a powerful witch who winds up becoming Wanda's mentor to help her control her magic.

agatha harkness agnes
Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics

Fans first believed Agnes may be playing someone else when they noticed a brooch she was wearing on early episodes. It looked very similar to the one the comic character wears. On Friday's episode, we finally see Agnes wearing it once again.

wandavision 101 agnes
Marvel Studios

On "WandaVision," instead of acting as a mentor, it looks like Agatha wants to use Wanda's powers, possibly to bring someone back from the dead. Agnes has previously showed curiousity when she heard Wanda may have the ability to revive others.

So who is Agnes' husband, Ralph?

We hate to break it to you, but Ralph likely never existed in the first place.

It seems like Agnes, er Agatha, likely made him up. (Otherwise, maybe he's dead and Agnes is trying to find a way to revive him in the way Wanda brought Vision back to life.)

For comic viewers, the Agatha Harkness reveal, while cool, felt a bit obvious

Since the premiere, fans have been suspicious of Agatha, believing she was Agatha Harkness all along.

Even if you weren't aware of Harkness from the comics, you were probably a bit suspicious of Agnes from the start. Learning that Agnes was really the witch most people suspected her to be after six weeks, wasn't a huge shock.

Many noted as much online after the episode's premiere.

The choice felt obvious and safe, and, honestly a bit disappointing after a lot of the online hype hoping to see one or two other big reveals this week. Then again, maybe the hype for this episode about a potential reveal was so large that any lesser reveal was always going to fall a bit short.

If you've been down the Marvel rabbit hole, for weeks, fans have been theorizing that we may see Reed Richards pop up as Monica Rambeau's aerospace engineer friend and a character named Mephisto - a literal incarnation of the devil - appear as the person pulling the strings. Fans (and Insider) thought Pietro may really be this dark demon in disguise.

Neither happened. Instead, we received a very satisfying superhero reveal for Monica Rambeau and a female antagonist in the form of Agnes. We also got a very catchy tune.

Though there's still a chance we could see some version of Mephisto (Is Agatha trying to bring him out of that book she has in her basement?), the witch is the obvious and safe family-friendly Disney choice for a villain.

It's difficult to see a Mickey Mouse Marvel show want to depict the actual devil on screen.

Two new episodes of "WandaVision" remain. Each episode premieres Friday at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT on Disney Plus.

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