Wanda Sykes’s Embarrassing Skunk Story

On Tuesday’s Conan, Wanda Sykes relayed a recent battle she had with nature. She told the story of her dog running from her porch to catch something and coming back with a skunk in its mouth. Sykes described being covered in “oil dropping” from the skunk. She screamed, and her wife opened the door to see what happened — then dry heaved and slammed it shut.

Soon Sykes found herself being doused with water and tomato juice by a friend. However, that was not enough to get the smell off. So she stripped naked in front of her house, she explained, “And I was like, this is going to be a great TMZ moment if they come by and see me butt naked in my driveway and my friend throwing tomato juice on me.”

Unfortunately, the ordeal didn’t end there. Nature called, and Wanda was forced to pee on her front lawn. Thankfully, there were no tabloid cameras to capture it.

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