Walmart customers in Miami will soon be able to hail autonomous Lyfts with the help of Ford and Argo AI

Wednesday, Ford Motor Company, Argo AI and Walmart announced a collaboration to launch an autonomous vehicle delivery service in three major U.S cities - Austin, Miami and Washington D.C.

The commercial service will be available to Walmart customers within a defined service area across each of the three cities and will expand over time, with the first deliveries planned for late 2021. Ford self-driving test vehicles equipped with the Argo AI self-driving system will deliver Walmart orders to customers. Argo AI’s cloud-based infrastructure will integrate with Walmart’s online ordering platform to route orders and schedule package deliveries to customers’ homes. This latest collaboration announcement comes on the heels of Ford and Argo AI’s announcement with Lyft to deploy Ford self-driving vehicles, with safety drivers, on the Lyft network starting in Miami later this year, and Austin in 2022, with plans for further expansion. Learn more at