Walmart Cashier Pays Half of Grocery Bill for Family of Five: ‘I Think Y’all Need a Blessing!’

Walmart Cashier Pays Half of Grocery Bill for Family of Five: ‘I Think Y’all Need a Blessing!’

A South Carolina mother of three, was “absolutely blown away” when a Columbia Walmart cashier insisted on covering half of her $200 grocery bill —with her personal credit card.

On Friday evening, Ashley Jordan and her husband, Michael, were shopping with their 1-year-old baby daughter, Kinseigh, at the store while their other two children Cayleigh, 5, and Aubreigh, 3, stayed at home with a sitter. Ashley and Michael piled their groceries for the next two weeks and new clothes for the girls into two carts.

At checkout, their cashier, Sharnique Dasant, told the couple that they looked like they needed a “blessing.”

“She said ‘I think y’all need a blessing tonight!’ And she waked around to the machine and swiped the card,” Ashley, 27, tells PEOPLE. “She said ‘God told me to bless y’all!’ I said ‘Are you serious? Okay, thank you!’ ”

Ashley took a photo with Dasant and posted it to Facebook, where it’s garnered over 22,000 likes.

“I wanted her friends and family to know how genuine she is, because we need to see these good stories in the world today, and it’s good to know there’s people out there who will do a blessing like this,” says Ashley. “It has opened my heart. I plan on paying it forward in the future.”

Ashley says she goes to Walmart every two weeks, but has never met anyone quite like Dasant before.

“We’re usually in and out, but Sharnique is such a wonderful woman, and we’ve become close!” she says. “I don’t know what she saw in me to do what she did, but she says she heard a voice tell her. There are good people out there!”

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The mom, who says Sharnique will meet her other daughters soon, hopes the selfless act will inspire others to spread love and kindness.

“I hope more people will open their heart to helping those around them,” she says. “Everyone can learn from Sharnique!”

Desalt could not be reached for comment but she told a local television station that God told her to help pay for their groceries.

“As we’re scanning and scanning, she got in front of me and it’s like I saw a different face on her,” Dasant told WLTX19. “And I just had like a little man on my shoulder that was like, ‘Give her a $100 dollars, give her $100 dollars.’ And I was like, ‘give her $100 dollars?’ Like, I’m talking to myself like, ‘Give her 100 dollars!'”

“So I was like, I said, ‘Yeah, God told me to give you $100,'” Dasant said, “and she said ‘What? What? What are you talking about?’ So I said, ‘He told me to give you $100 dollars.’ So I went ahead and I slid my card. I went around the register and I slid it for her.”