After Walking Wake, Pokemon fans are designing Paradox versions of the other two legendary dogs


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are designing their own Paradox versions of Entei and Raikou after a Paradox take on Suicune, another of Gen 2's legendary beasts, was unveiled earlier this week.

Earlier this week at a new Pokemon Presents showcase, two new Paradox Pokemon were revealed to be debuting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later that same day. Now, eager fans of the two newcomers have put their artistic caps on to imagine how two other Paradox Pokemon could look in the games.

Just below, for example, one talented fan has reimagined a Paradox form of the ever-popular Raikou. Dubbed 'Mauling Mace,' this Raikou basically looks like it's had a shark stuck to its back, before being turned Super Saiyan by some ungodly force. Hey, we're here for it.

Next, there's another Paradox Raikou, as well as a redesigned Entei. 'Scorching Skull' and 'Nimbus Neck' are, with all due respect to the original artist, absolutely cursed creations, and have no place coming within a hundred miles of our generally cutesy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Entei is another popular fan choice for a Paradox recreation, as you can see in the artistic reimagining just below. 'Searing Spine' actually looks really cool, and a really intimidating creature to boot, which is probably just what you want the endgame creatures looking like, in all fairness.

Finally, we've got another helping of Paradox Entei, only this time they've been fused with... dinosaurs? Yes, that's correct, this person has apparently meshed an Entei with a triceratops and stegosaurus to create Feral Flare, a wicked-looking beast. John Hammond, eat your heart out.

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For those unfamiliar, Paradox Pokemon are sort of redesigns of the familiar Pokemon we're used to. Walking Wake is a remixed Suicune, for example, whereas Iron Leaves is the Paradox form of Virizion, two creatures that have become staples of Pokemon over the years. Here's hoping The Pokemon Company has some more Paradox Pokemon up their sleeves.

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