The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Drew 70% Negative Reaction On Twitter

Lucas Siegel
TWD Rick 616
TWD Rick 616

The season 6 finale of The Walking Dead has been much debated, as to both its content and its quality. Apparently the debate on the latter fell heavily in the "awful" zone on twitter, where 70% of the tweets about the episode were negative.

Words like "crazy," "dislike," "hate," and "upset" dominated tweets about the series, which ended its season on a massive cliffhanger, with several series regulars' lives in the balance and one sure to die. The data, from Canvs, says only 6.4% of tweets included "good" and 15.2% said "love." In contrast, the season 5 finale had only 10.4% "hate" tweets.

Negan's debut was eagerly anticipated, and teased throughout the season, but the final shot didn't reveal who he decided to kill to deliver his message, with The Walking Dead showrunners instead choosing to hold that reveal for the season 7 premiere, expected in October 2016.

Apparently fans weren't too thrilled. Incidentally, the episode still currently has a 3.78/5 star average in our own ratings (sign in and click the stars above to rate).

The Walking Dead returns on AMC this Fall, with the reveal of who Negan killed.