The 'Walking Dead' Brain-Dead Move of the Week: I Saw Mommy Kissing Daddy's Killer


Every week on The Walking Dead, someone does something stupid that needlessly endangers the lives of themselves and others. Here, we commemorate those decisions in the hopes that they won’t be repeated. But of course, they know they will be.

We’re now in Week 2 of What the Hell Happened to Glenn Watch, with no end in sight. This week’s episode didn’t give us any resolution on that front… or even that many walkers, really. Instead, it gave us a whole lot of romance!

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That’s right, with the quarry herd of walkers safely outside the Alexandria walls — then why were we so worried about them, anyway? — the TWD writers decided to throw enough romantic twists at us to fill a week’s worth of telenovelas. Maggie is pregnant! Merritt Wever kissed Tara! Carl and Ron got into a shoving match over Enid! And most importantly, a very special love began to blossom between Rick and Jessie.

You remember Jessie: She’s the wife of Pete, that abusive dude who Rick shot dead at the end of last season. Rick’s always had a thing for her — Lori who, am I right? — and now that he’s murdered her husband, she’s totally available! So after a long day of lecturing idiots about how they’d all be dead without him, Rick swung by Jessie’s garage, you know, just to see how she’s doing.


Rick heard about Jessie’s speech to the other townsfolk about how they have to start killing or be killed — and that was a real turn-on for him, apparently. When she asked him what in this world is worth surviving for, he decided to show her instead of telling her:


Man, if this show had a studio audience, it’d totally be “Wooooooo”-ing right now.

But wait: How much time has passed since Jessie’s husband was killed? A few days? A week, maybe? We know the guy was a wife-beating jerk, but he was still her husband. And now she’s ready to make out with the man who killed him, in her own garage, where her two sons (Pete’s sons!) could very well walk in on them? “Hi kids, I’d like you to meet your new daddy: He killed your old daddy!” There’s not enough therapy in the world to begin processing that.

In fact, while Jessie’s decision to kiss Rick was certainly questionable, the real Brain-Dead Move of the Week goes to Rick. Because not only is he moving in on Jessie… he’s teaching her son Ron how to shoot a gun.


What if Ron sees Rick smooching up on his mom and decides to use his newfound shooting skills to get some payback? They’d never kill off the mighty Rick Grimes that way, of course — but unlike a lot of things on this show, it’d actually make sense.

Runners-up: The whole town of Alexandria, for not utilizing the sewer passageway that Maggie and Aaron used to get beyond the walls. So there’s a tunnel that leads to the outside, where they could get supplies/ammunition/etc., and no one has thought to use it before? They should be using that thing every week! Maybe Rick’s right: These people are too dumb to survive.

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