‘Walking Dead Ahead’: Who Will Be First to Die in the War on Negan?

On this week’s The Walking Dead, you would think that Rick, as a father of two, would at least question why Tara is flipping the bird at that child from Oceanside. But that’s Ol’ Grimey for ya. If you’re part of his team, and you wanna give a kid a middle-finger salute, he’s got your back. It’s time for “Walking Dead Ahead”!

This is it, folks — we are marching to war. But don’t get too excited; they’re going to make us wait for it. Just take the Season 7 finale’s title, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” That sounds like the beginning of a long, drawn-out war, one that we’ll only get a taste of before the season ends.

Log the moment into the memory bank in which Negan told Sasha, “You still got a ways to go before I’ll believe you’re fully on board here. If the situation was reversed, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me either.” They didn’t build that jail cell in Alexandria to leave it empty. That’ll be Negan’s quaint little homestead before Season 8 fades to black. And hoo boy, will the dramatic irony be as sweet as Georgia lemonade!

If I were a betting man, I’d say King Ezekiel has a target on his back. He’s trying to avenge Benjamin’s death by taking a tiger into the battlefield. I know Shiva is a friendly kitty of the Tony the Tiger variety, but that chain won’t do much to control her when it all hits the fan. But no matter what goes down, Daryl’s handling the fireworks.

We’ll see you next week for an explosive end to “Walking Dead Ahead.”

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