Walker: Independence Showrunner Has Ideas For A Big Homage To Jared Padalecki's Supernatural If Season 2 Happens

 Sam Winchester on Supernatural
Sam Winchester on Supernatural

Following The CW’s merger, the future of many shows on the network are unknown, and several are ending after this current broadcast season. Freshman series Walker: Independence is one of the series that has an unknown future, and considering many CW shows have been canceled this year, things don't look great. However, that isn’t stopping showrunner Seamus Kevin Fahey from thinking about ideas for Season 2 and how it could pay homage to Supernatural.

Following the Season 1 finale of Walker: Independence, it would be plain rude to not renew it, in my opinion, but as of now, it’s still hard to predict whether it will be one of the lucky shows. Even so, Seamus Kevin Fahey recently teased a possible storyline to TVLine for the potential upcoming season that would pay homage to EP Jared Padalecki’s hit show Supernatural and the fan-favorite car:

I had a lot of ideas early on of, like, an entire episode from the point of view of a horse, as kind of an homage to Supernatural and the car. I’m a big film geek, and there’s this Robert Bresson movie Au Hasard Balthazar, an entire movie from the point of view of a mule. So I think it would be interesting to pull off, at least for an act — and it doesn’t get more Western than that.

Fans of Supernatural know exactly what episode Fahey is talking about. In Season 11, there was an episode appropriately titled “Baby” that completely took place inside the ’67 Chevy Impala. While it would be a tad different having an episode take place on the top of a horse, getting that new perspective, and perhaps even getting information around Independence that we wouldn’t have otherwise, would be interesting. Maybe we’d get Padalecki to cameo again too?

That being said, it would be intriguing to see if there are any other Supernatural homages or references if we get another season of Walker: Independence. With Jared Padalecki being an executive producer on the Walker prequel, it’s quite possible. Since Mark Sheppard is on Independence, it wouldn’t be surprising if we end up getting a reference or two about a certain demon by the name of Crowley. We already got some Supernatural homages on Walker, between Jensen Ackles directing an episode and Kansas performing, so who knows what could happen. We’ll just have to wait and see until WIndy is confirmed for a second season, hopefully.

Meanwhile, with a Supernatural homage potentially on the way, fans can also probably expect more Walker Easter Eggs in Independence. Padalecki previously revealed his hopes to keep the “Walker-verse” thriving with Easter Eggs, and he said that he has fun ideas for it. So whether that’s a flashback or reference to the past on Walker or a look into the future on Independence, it will surely be something to look forward to.

It's hard to tell if Walker: Independence will appear on the 2023 TV schedule again, especially with the way things are going at The CW. Since the network had a “Red Wedding” of cancellations last year, it’s very possible the same thing happens again. Fingers crossed Independence gets renewed because now I need to see the “Baby” episode in the form of a horse.