Wait, are MAFS Australia's Sara and Tristan Now Dating?

Wait, are MAFS Australia's Sara and Tristan Now Dating?

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Contains spoilers for MAFS Australia!

Another day, another shocking Married At First Sight Australia curveball we did not see coming, as today it's been reported there may be something romantic going on between season 11 cast members Sara Mesa and Tristan Black, following their breakups from Tim and Cassandra.

Over the weekend Sara posted a TikTok of herself with Tristan hanging out in Darwin before they headed on a night out. In the video, Sara can be seen holding her phone and laughing into the camera while Tristan dances behind her. In the same video, Sara then filmed the pair dancing together at a nightclub.

The TikTok has since been viewed over 300,000 times and has led to many MAFS Australia fans to speculate if something is going on between the pair. One person commented, "The duo we didn’t know we needed 🥹🥹" and another asked, "What are they together."

Sara also shared another TikTok of the pair doing a sketch in a hotel room, and Tristan also shared one on his own TikTok, too.

So is there something going on between the pair? Well, it appears they are most likely just friends, as Yahoo! Lifestyle reported the pair were both in Darwin for a joint personal appearance at a nightclub.

A source told the publication that the pair are just friends, explaining, "Sara and Tristan always got on as friends and he tried not to get involved in Cassandra's feud with her.”

Yep. Speaking of that feud, during MAFS Australia Tristan's wife Cassandra and fellow bride Sara found themselves feuding throughout the series. During the reunion episode (which is yet to air in the UK) Cass and Sara were seen arguing with Cass saying to Sara: "Every time I talk to you, you're actually like the nastiest person." Sara then replied by saying, "I never talk to you, Cass. I never talk to you. Never have spoken a word to you. That's fucking bullshit. It's rude. I don't know what your vendetta is or why you care so much about hating me."

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The conversation escalated further with Sara telling Cass they don't know each other and Cass calling Sara "the worst".

During the experiment, Cassandra was married to Tristan, and despite having a great wedding day, the pair struggled to build a connection and intimacy and ultimately chose to leave the show towards the end of the experiment.

Meanwhile, Sara and Tim were the first couple to get married in this year's experiment. Despite their wedding day going pretty well, things were hardly smooth sailing for the rest of the series. Sara was accused of cheating on Tim by meeting up with her ex and has since admitted to "emotionally" cheating on Tim. They were also seen arguing numerous times and struggled to open up initially.

However, the pair decided to continue their relationship outside the experiment at the final vow ceremony but broke up shortly after and are now friends.

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