Wait, Now Haters Say Beyoncé’s Real-Hair Video Wasn't Real? Conspiracy Theories Run Wild

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)
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Yesterday, we told you about Beyoncé dropping a video of her wash day ritual using products from her new Cécred line. We were thrilled to see (and hear) the “Love on Top” artist give us a glimpse into her self-care ritual and show us that she actually trusts the products she’s selling on her own tresses. It was also pretty gratifying to see her completely shut down the haters who accuse her of not having long, luxurious locks because she wears wigs.

Bey’s wash day video has received over 2 million likes since it dropped on April 22. But, of course, somewhere in the dark corners of the internet are people who weren’t buying what Bey is selling and think she’s trying to pull a fast one on all of us.

If you don’t believe us, check out this TikTok video:


“Lace front. Nothing about Beyonce is real,” “I’d believe in a Solange hair care line more,” “ I know a hd full lace when I see one,” and “I have no problems with Beyonce but I did search invisible tracks,” are just a sampling of the comments from those who still believe the megastar’s long hair is just too good to be true.

But no sooner than those in doubt hit “post” on their comments, the Bey Hive clapped back in full force to defend their Queen, writing:

“She gagged the girls with this one 😂 She said “WHO BALD HEADED??”” “Guys her mum is a hairstylist of course she’s gonna have amazing hair,” “She always had hair. Look at her childhood pictures,” and “It seems like people forget that black people can actually grow hair out long.”

Whether you come down on team real hair or team lace front, you can’t deny that Bey sure knows how to get people talking. We’re just glad no one brought up the illuminati for a change.

Meanwhile, we’ll be over here loading up our virtual shopping cart with Cécred products.

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