VW ID 2all Concept Features Retro Gauge Designs From the Mk1 Golf and Classic Beetle

volkswagen id 2all retro gauge cluster displaying golf skin
VW ID 2all Concept Features Retro Gauge Designs VW

Volkswagen pulled the cover off of the anticipated ID 2all Concept last week, previewing the automaker’s upcoming compact EV for the European market. While most of the fanfare surrounding the concept relates to the EV’s sub-€25,000 price tag and 280-mile range WLTP, images captured from the car’s unveil video highlight some oh-so retro gauge cluster skins inspired by vintage Beetle and Golf models.

Images of the retro-inspired gauge clusters shared on Twitter by automotive writer Daniel Golson clearly detail the ID 2all’s pair of retro digital displays. Comments about the gauge cluster designs can also be heard around the 39:15 mark of the ID 2all debut video above.

The screenshots appear to show two modes: Classic and Retro. The former is a dead ringer for the gauge cluster found in my mother’s 1974 Super Beetle, complete with virtual cluster surround and old-school style radio controls. The Retro display brings things to the Radwood era, doing a decent impression of the Mk1 Golf in the process. It even features a tape deck graphic to let you know what tunes are playing.

These cute gauge cluster touches make sense for the EV. This particular concept car feels more in line with those beloved nameplates than some of the other ID products, helped in part by its smaller size and affordable entry price. Borrowing a bit of design work from those icons can’t hurt that familial branding exercise.

volkswagen id 2all retro gauge cluster displaying beetle skin

The proliferation of digital gauge clusters and displays has come with mixed results in the design department. Whether or not these gauge designs make their way to the production variant of the ID 2all, this is the sort of stuff that VW should be embracing in the EV era. Hopefully a bit of that fun is able to bleed over into VW’s U.S.-bound EVs, as it remains unlikely that the Polo-sized EV is destined for the States. That’s a shame, as the ID 2all looks poised to be a proper Golf alternative for the electric era.

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