The Voice recap: The coaches face a tough decision to reach the top 13

The Voice recap: The coaches face a tough decision to reach the top 13

As fun as last night's big live performances were, it's time to get to business. The top 16 get whittled down to the top 13 in tonight's episode of The Voice season 22. Here's a reminder as to how it all works: The two artists on each team who get the highest number of audience votes automatically move forward, and are joined by a third member of their team saved by their coach. The remaining artist on each team will then have one last chance to move forward in the Instant Save Round. While all of that feels a little intense, Charlie Puth — Team Camila's advisor this season — will be around to give us a little bit of a breather with a medley of "That's Hilarious" and "Left and Right," so that's nice! But let's be honest: We're all here for some results. Let's see how everything shakes out, shall we?


Audience Vote Winners: Bodie and Brayden Lape
Coach Save: Rowan Grace
Instant Save Round Artist: Bryce Leatherwood


Audience Vote Winners: Parijita Bastola and Omar Jose Cardona
Coach Save: Kim Cruse
Instant Save Round Artist: Sasha Hurtado


Audience Vote Winners: Kique and Justin Aaron
Coach Save: Alyssa Witrado
Instant Save Round Artist: Kevin Hawkins


Audience Vote Winners: Morgan Myles and Devix
Coach Save: Eric Who
Instant Save Round Artist: Kate Kalvach

The Voice -- “Live Top 16 Performances” Episode 2216B -- Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Sasha Hurtado, Kevin Hawkins, Kate Kalvach -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
The Voice -- “Live Top 16 Performances” Episode 2216B -- Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Sasha Hurtado, Kevin Hawkins, Kate Kalvach -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Trae Patton/NBC From (L-R): Bryce Leatherwood, Sasha Hurtado, Kevin Hawkins, and Kate Kalvach on 'The Voice'


Team Blake: Bryce Leatherwood, "Let Me Down Easy" by Billy Currington
I'm a little surprised Blake Shelton sent his old-school country guy to the Instant Save, but maybe he didn't want to steal any country votes away from Brayden Lape. Bryce does his thing — it's solid, but not really electric, which has kind of been his problem all along, right? Shelton says he wasn't "too stressed" about putting him in this situation because he knows he has a lot of fans. "You sounded incredible, dude," he tells him.

Team Legend: Sasha Hurtado, "Elastic Heart" by Sia
This is the song Sasha should've chosen last night; it's right in her wheelhouse. She seems nervous, but her vocals really carry her through it. The sections in her head voice sound really nice. Coach John Legend loves that she "picked a song about resilience," which is really the theme of her time on The Voice. "You always rise to the occasion," he adds, telling her that it was a "perfect" performance for the moment.

Team Gwen: Kevin Hawkins, "Redbone" by Childish Gambino
Another song choice that suits the artist better than their pick from the performance round. Kevin seems much more controlled here, while also being able to show off different parts of his voice. Those insane high notes? They're really working for him here. All four coaches are up giving him a standing ovation by the end, and Kevin is visibly moved. His coach can't even get a word in over the crowd's roars. Eventually, Gwen Stefani is able to tell Kevin that he is a true artist and that this performance "was incredible."

Team Camila: Kate Kalvach, "When I Look At You" by Miley Cyrus
Kate seems so underrated in this competition. Once again, she gives another great pop performance full of emotion. She's great at — forgive me for going all Voice coach on you, but — storytelling. She earns the second coaches' standing ovation of the night, even leaving Stefani in tears! "You have one of the best voices of the entire season," Kate's coach Camila Cabello tells her, adding, "that was magical, what we just witnessed."

After that, it's all up to the audience vote. After some heartfelt back-and-forth between the remaining artists and their coaches, the winner of the final spot in the top 13 is… Bryce Leatherwood! Viewers just can't quit those country artists.

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