'Voice' contestant's physical appearance completely shocks Kelly Clarkson

'The Voice' coaches were back together in the same building for the Season 19 premiere Monday night. However, things weren't totally back to normal. While the contestants were present, they weren't able to have their family members with them in person, and the audience was replaced with a virtual one. The coaches were also unable to give their new team members welcome hugs, which meant that they had to resort to socially distant displays of camaraderie, like Kelly Clarkson's small closet of "Team Kelly" jackets, Blake Shelton's cardboard cutouts for his singers to stand next to, John Legend's hilarious but kinda creepy rubber glove affixed to a six foot wooden pole, and Gwen Stefani's more intense shirt-launching cannon. All of the new changes pleasantly surprised viewers at home. However, the one moment that really surprised everyone was when 35-year-old John Holiday took the stage belting Ella Fitzgerald's "Misty." In fact, the slack-jawed, bug-eyed look of utter shock on Kelly’s face, when she spun around and saw a man onstage was truly a classic 'Voice' moment. “I didn’t know you were a dude,” exclaimed Kelly. "My face, that will be a GIF. I was so shocked when I turned around." And Kelly was even more shocked when she learned John used his one block of the season on her. Viewers at home also expressed their amazement, as they too were mind blown by the gender-flipped element of surprise, but what wasn't so surprising was that, in the end, Holiday chose Team Legend.