The Voice’s Best Performances of All Time, Ranked: The Good, the Badass and the Downright Amazing

The Voice’s Best Performances of All Time, Ranked: The Good, the Badass and the Downright Amazing
The Voice’s Best Performances of All Time, Ranked: The Good, the Badass and the Downright Amazing

We can’t be the only ones who get nostalgic every time a new season rolls around, can we? Well, whether we are or we aren’t, as NBC’s enduring sing-off The Voice is kicking off its 25th (!) cycle Monday at 8/7c, TVLine is looking back, reflecting upon the talent contest’s all-time best performances.

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Interestingly, as we compiled our (altogether subjective) list of the 15 standouts, we realized that not all of them came from vocalists who wound up winning. In fact, not even most of them came from vocalists who wound up winning. More than half of the numbers that made our final cut were sung by contenders for whom the title remained out of reach. (One of the wannabes didn’t even make it past the Playoffs — and yes, thanks for asking, we are still steamed.)

voice coaches ranked
voice coaches ranked

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Understandably, your picks for the cream of the crop may be — may even have to be — different from ours. Music lands on us all uniquely, right? So, after you’ve taken a scroll through the below countdown and re-listened to the performances that made us go slack-jawed and weak-kneed, hit the comments with the ones that have remained foremost in your mind as especially high notes in the show’s history.

15. Carter Rubin, “The Rainbow Connection”

Marriages of singer and song don’t get any sweeter than that of Season 19’s baby-faced winner and Kermit the Frog’s beloved ballad. Watch Rubin absolutely crush it above.

14. Javier Colon, “Time After Time”

Season 1’s victor made fans of not only us but all four coaches by putting his own spin on Cyndi Lauper’s 1980s classic. Listen above to remind yourself of what made Colon’s version so special.

13. Joshua Vacanti, “Into the Unknown“

The Season 21 semi-finalist gave us chills with his rendition of the Frozen 2 showstopper made famous by Idina Menzel. Crank it up and have a listen above.

12. Melanie Martinez, “Toxic”

The Season 3 standout established herself as an alt-pop muse with her quirktastic Blind Audition rendition of Britney Spears’ hit. Watch Martinez’s performance above.

11. Chloe Kohanski, “Landslide”

Miley Cyrus perfectly summed up our reaction to the Fleetwood Mac cover with which Season 13’s eventual winner Blind Auditioned: “Damn!” See if you agree by pressing PLAY on the video above.

10. Wendy Moten, “I Will Always Love You”

Season 21’s runner-up was, is and forever will be known for her pitch-perfect performances, foremost among them, her cover of Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard hit. Have a listen above.

9. Alexa Wildish, “Believe”

Nope. We’re still not over Niall Horan cutting in Season 24’s Playoffs the vocalist who managed to turn Cher’s bop into a heartbreaking ballad during the Knockouts. Listen above, and you’ll understand.

8. Kennedy Holmes, “Confident”

If we live to be 100, we’ll never understand how this pint-sized powerhouse only came in fourth place in Season 15 after absolutely smashing Demi Lovato’s hit. Sample Holmes’ magnificence above.

7. Addison Agen, “Humble and Kind”

We wanted to say, “We’re not crying, you’re crying,” but truth be told, we were all crying by the time Season 13’s runner-up broke down at the end of the song. Hear the studio version above.

6. Matthew Schuler, “Hallelujah”

The Team Christina Aguilera dynamo was eliminated in Season 5’s Quarterfinals — but not before giving us the series’ most resonant rendition of Leonard Cohen’s classic. Click above to lend an ear.

5. Alisan Porter, “Cry Baby”

The former child star who won Season 10 delivered a take on Janis Joplin’s golden oldie that was too tantalizingly tangy to be forgotten. Hear what we mean above.

4. Amanda Brown, “Dream On”

A rock-‘n’-roll fever dream come to life, the Season 3 dynamo made an impression that was as lasting as it was vivid with her passionate take on Aerosmith. Turn the volume all the way up, and press PLAY above.

3. Girl Named Tom, “Helplessly Hoping”

We were ready to hand the Season 21 victory right over to the eventual winners after sampling their divine harmonies during their Blind Audition. Hear for yourself how amazing they were above.

2. Christina Grimmie, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

The late singer, who finished third in Season 6, didn’t just stun with her take on Drake, she downright astonished. Hear what we mean by having a listen above.

1. Chris Blue, “Love On the Brain”

Every time Season 12’s winner opened his mouth, it was a full-on event. But for our money, his best performance — and the show’s best-ever — was his Rihanna cover. Press PLAY above and prepare to be blown away.

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