Vivica A. Fox Criticized for Calling Young Thug a 'Sexy Ass Looking Cockroach'

Trace William Cowen
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Young Thug's since-clarified comments about Jay-Z's catalog were the subject of a Cocktails with Queens segment this week.

One moment, which has since inspired criticism of its own, sees co-host Vivica A. Fox referring to Young Thug as "a good sexy ass-looking cockroach."

The full exchange kicks in around the two-minute mark in the video up top, with Fox asked about Thug's (admirably on-point) fashion sense and whether or not she considers him attractive, though it's not exactly clear why such a question would come up at all.

"You know he's, like, just like a good sexy ass-looking cockroach," Fox said. "And I don't mean that mean. You know what I mean? It's like, the hair and everything like that. He's got rockstar quality. He could be a great animation character."

After some more back-and-forth among the Cocktails hosts, Fox continued. "I meant that in the kindest term though, you know what I mean?" she said. "Because his features are just very, you know. But he's very rockstar. He loves his diamonds, he loves fashion, he loves pushing buttons, and he makes good music. But his ass is not as big as Jay-Z's."

The response to Fox's comments has ranged from sheer disbelief to those calling her out for what some have argued is an example of colorism:

At the time of this writing, Young Thug had not responded to or otherwise addressed Vivica A. Fox's Cocktails comments.

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