‘Vivan Los Corridos’: Bizarrap Taps Peso Pluma for Explosive ‘Music Sessions Vol. 55’

bzrp-x-peso-pluma - Credit: Pipe Ordoñez*

Bizarrap found the perfect collaborator for his newest BZRP Music Session. On Wednesday, the Argentinian producer released BZRP “Music Sessions Vol. 55” featuring none other than rising Música Mexican star Peso Pluma.

In the lyrics, Peso Pluma sings to an ex who left him behind, promising he’s moving on with other women as he moves up in his career, even if he’s rarely getting any sleep. “Just thick chains and the girls are from Instagram,” Peso Pluma sings in Spanish. “A giant diamond is on my glock/Patek Phillipe on my wrist clock/ I know how much it costs.”

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The song effortlessly overlays Peso’s signature corrido style — “Que vivan los corridos,” he declares in an interlude — with Biza’s electronic-leaning production as EDM elements are infused into the track’s outro. It’s a surprising mix that stands out as one of the best sessions yet.

“I was very very very happy making this song,” Bizarrap said in a press release. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

The Argentine producer teased the collaboration with a cute claymation of himself as a mouse in a tracksuit who lives in a makeshift mini studio hidden next to an electrical outlet. The visual sees his character create a tiny guitar from a walnut shell and coming out of his hiding spot to look for a piece of pasta (the mouse’s version of a trumpet) to complete the track. After being chased by a human and swatted away by a broom, he’s saved by a fellow rodent (played by Peso Pluma), who offers him the piece of pasta.

“Fierro a la verga, viejillo,” says Peso Pluma. (We really don’t know how to translate this, but it’s celebratory.)

In response, Biza’s mouse offers: “¿Y qué? Hacemos un temita?” (“So what? Let’s make a song?”)

Last week, a photo of Peso Pluma and Bizarrap in the studio leaked on Twitter creating a flurry of rumors that the Mexican star and Argentine producer would be working together on the latest BZRP Music Session.

Peso Pluma’s studio visit follows the success of Shakira’s “Vol. 53” session with Bizarrap, which landed the two artists on the Tonight Show earlier this year, and has topped charts since its January release. Bizarrap followed Shakira’s visit with “Arcángel.”

As for Peso Pluma, he’s riding high on the success of collaborations like “Ella Baila Sola” with Eslabón Armada and “La Bebé” with Yng Lvcas. (“Ella Baila Sola” was at No. 2 on Billboard‘s Global 200 this week, while “La Bebé” was No. 2 on the Global, excluding the U.S., chart.) Last week, Peso Pluma released a solo single titled “Bye,” his first solo release in over a year.

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