Viral TikTok Jokingly Mocks Disney Adult Behavior, But I’ve Never Felt So Seen

 Walt Disney's Disneyland apartment.
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A lot has been said about the “Disney Adult” and most of it has been said by people with a smirk on their face if not a shocked and offended tone to their voice as they try to understand just what could possibly possess grown adults to care so much about stuff made for kids. Every so often somebody goes viral for mocking or insulting Disney Adults, but I am loving a series of viral TikToks having fun at the expense of Disney Adults, because, yeah, this is pretty much me.

Comedian Clayton Farris has put together a series of “Disney Adult” TikTok videos, and each one has gone viral even more than the last, as he plays the role of the Disney Adult who is just having a bit too much fun showing off his knowledge of Disneyland while wandering the parks.

The videos are great because they clearly come from not spite but love. He knows about the Disneyland Firehouse light because he probably looks at it every time he visits. Farris is making a bit of fun of himself. He has numerous TikTok videos taken at DIsneyland outside of his DIsney Adult series, so he’s clearly a regular guest. He knows who and what Disney Adults are because at least to some extent he is one. Also, he likes to try and balance on the trolly tracks when he walks on Main Street or Buena Vista Street and man do I get it.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there’s some real truth in some of these quotes. I have absolutely said more than a few of these things to people, though hopefully, it was only after being specifically asked. Still, us Disney Adults do love to show off the knowledge we have and everything we learned from years of navigating the parks ourselves. Yes, we are the map.

Plenty of people have tried to defend their status as a Disney Adult, and to be fair some of that defense is needed because people who don't get it can be pretty terrible online to Disney Adults.

We all have that thing that we’re a super fan of. For some, it’s Disney, for others, it's a particular movie franchise or it’s Taylor Swift (for Flavor Flav it's both Taylor Swift and Disney), or your favorite sports team. We all have that thing that we love so much that we’re probably absolutely insufferable to people who don’t care at all about that thing.

Although I am going to take him to task about the trash can thing, because, while there are absolutely a lot of trash cans in the park to try and keep people from littering, they're not quite as close together as everybody says. There are many myths about Disney World and Disneyland that aren't actually true. Yes, I am a Disney Adult and so I felt the need to correct that inaccuracy. This is how it works.