This Viral TikTok Foundation Hack Is the Key to Transfer-Proof Makeup

·1 min read

Thanks to TikTok, beauty enthusiasts have found inventive ways of creating flawless makeup looks and ensuring they stay in place all day. This time, the latest hack focuses on providing a radiant glow and the staying power of your foundation application. The trick is to mix your foundation with water to create a perfect base, making the finish glowy and transfer-proof.

#Foundationinwater, which has amassed over 19.3 million views, shows TikTokers squeezing a liquid water-based foundation into cups of water to change the viscosity. In a clip, BeautyToker @stephhui exclaims, "I love how this foundation is sitting on my skin right now. It looked filtered, yet super skin-like and dewy."

This dewy foundation hack is great if you're after transfer-proof long-lasting makeup; however, we'd caution against trying this method if your foundation is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Adding water to your foundation can inadvertently make it lighter, which could cause your foundation to leave an ashy cast against the rest of your summer glow.

If you're intrigued to know more, see more clips of the #foundationinwater hack below.

@stxph.h WILL YOU TRY? ? MUAs have been doing this trick to add moisture to the skin without excess oil, making the skin look dewy, radiant & long lasting (ib: @Rachel Rigler) #foundationhack #makeuphacks #foundationinwater #testingviralhac ♬ original sound - stephhui