Vinny Pacifico Opens Up About Being Inspired By Jonathan Gresham, Filming A Promo Segement With John Morrison

vinny pacifico
vinny pacifico
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Vinny Pacifico shares praise for Jonathan Gresham and John Morrison.

Vinny Pacifico’s relationship with former ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham extends beyond the squared circle. During a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, “The Energy Drink King” opened up about the influence that Gresham has had not only on his wrestling career, but also in life in general.

“[Gresham] helped train me at Ring of Honor, and we had some really deep talks,” Pacifico said. “We had some life talks, where we would sit down at a chair and just talk about life, relationship advice, and just like life advice. He’s a guy who was just such a cool, cool dude. He was so open to giving me advice and so open just to sit down and just talk.”

“Usually when you when you talk to someone training you and stuff like that, you want to not bother them. He sat me down, and we just talked for like two hours about stories and relationship advice and life advice and wrestling advice as well, and just a bunch of really cool stuff. He’s a sweetheart and somebody who I talk to all the time. You learn from him in wrestling as well, has been such an honor because bar none, I would say [he is] top five in-ring talent in the world.”

Praise For Jonathan Gresham & John Morrison

In further assessing Gresham’s in-ring work, Pacifico noted that he has taken specific notice of his technical prowess — a skill that Pacifico has now instilled into his own arsenal. Pacifico also holds a special appreciation for the smoothness Gresham presents in the ring, which he says is similar to that of another former world champion, John Morrison (aka AEW’s Johnny TV).

“I’ve learned a lot of technical stuff from [Gresham]. I don’t use it all the time, I use it in matches that the guys I wrestle are very, very technical also. I like to save them for certain matches because as wrestlers, you want to save certain things for certain matches. But I’ve learned a lot of in-ring technical stuff from him,” Pacifico said. “Also, if you notice, he has this really smooth way of working as well as [John Morrison]. I had this talk the other day about smoothness — if you watch John Morrison, he’s just so smooth and the way he moves is just like no other. So I would like to say John Morrison and Jonathan Gresham are two guys who just move a certain way that if you watch them, you’re like, ‘This is cinema,’ as they say. They’re just amazing.”

“I watched John Morrison and Vikingo a few weeks ago at Pandemonium Pro. I was in LA, and I watched that match from backstage and I was like, ‘This match is just so good.’ The way they’re moving, the way they’re dodging each other’s moves and strikes and stuff, was just bar none. Phenomenal match. If you haven’t seen it, look out for it because it’s really, really good. Jonathan Gresham is somebody also very intense. I am known to be a very intense talent in the ring and I get my intensity from him mostly. Him and I had some really good training sessions where he brought that out of me.”

Filming A Promo Segment With John Morrison

In addition to performing in a ring, Pacifico has also been proactive in producing and performing in unique promo segments that often tie in with his affinity for energy drinks. One of his latest vignettes featured John Morrison, in which Pacifico attempted to woo “The Prince of Parkour” with some parkour of his own.

“I do these promos, and they’re vignettes with other talents. Pretty much, they’re backstage segments, whatever you call them. And it gets over the character, gets over both of us, and intertwines characters,” Pacifico said. “I did a few [vignettes] a few weeks ago, and then John Morrison was like, ‘Oh, that belt’s pretty sick.’ I have like a drink belt like Duffman from The Simpsons. So he’s like, ‘That’s really cool. Do you do content with that?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I do. Do you want to [film something together?]’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.'”

“He was the coolest guy like to do that with,” Pacifico continued. “He was so much fun too. Bouncing ideas off him was so much fun. He’s done this stuff before, and I think [our segment] is hilarious. He was such a pro, and a really genuine good, good person to talk to, he was smiling. He was happy, he was a very, very, very cool guy.”

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Watch our full interview with Vinny Pacifico below:

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