Vince McMahon Allegedly Instructed Janel Grant To Write Him Love Letters

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In January 2024, Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE. In the suit, she alleged that McMahon and John Laurinaitis engaged in sexual assault and sex trafficking of her. Now, a letter Grant wrote to McMahon has been made public.

Shannon Thaler of the New York Post reports that The Post has obtained a letter that Grant wrote to McMahon. She claimed that he coerced her to do so.

In the email, which is dated December 24, 2024, Grant refers to McMahon as, “My best friend, my love and my everything.” Grant also wrote about her relationship with McMahon. She noted that, “After almost 3 years together, it’s like my life isn’t even real to me unless you’re there and in it and I’m sharing it all with you.”

Thaler writes that, per Grant’s attorney, Ann Callis, McMahon instructed Grant to write the letter. Callis claims that McMahon was trying to use the letters to defend himself.

Meanwhile, McMahon’s attorney, Jessica Taub Rosenberg, responded to the allegations that McMahon coerced Grant into writing the letter.

“This is revisionist history,” Taub said. “No one coerced Ms. Grant to write that letter. She wrote it of her own accord. The fact that the letter shows it was the 24th draft speaks volumes.”

“Nowhere in her voluminous complaint, that is replete with fabrications, does she mention being coerced into such behavior. The language of the letter is consistent with other communications she made to Mr. McMahon over the course of their consensual relationship.”

More Details On Janel Grant’s Letters To Vince McMahon

Additionally, Thaler cites a spokesperson for Grant who pointed to an alleged text exchange between Grant and McMahon. In this alleged exchange, McMahon referred to Grant as “baby” and used heart emojis.

Thaler also writes that Grant’s rep stated that Grant wrote love letters to McMahon at his request so many times that she borrowed language and quotes from pop culture to supplement them.

Furthermore, McMahon’s attorney, Taub, reiterated that, “Ms. Grant’s claims are false, defamatory and entirely without merit. We intend to vigorously defend Mr. McMahon and are confident that he will be vindicated.”

Thaler writes that the email was taken from Grant’s laptop as part of an investigation on behalf of the WWE board. Sources noted that it is expected to appear in court filings as the case progresses.

In the letter, Grant refers to Mickey”, “Paul”, “the Chef”, “Brad”, “Nick”, “Johnny”, as being aware of her relationship with McMahon.

Plus. Edward Brennan, Laurinaitis’ attorney, stated that the former WWE executive “denies all of the allegations made against him in the complaint and asserts that he is a victim in this matter, not a protagonist.”

Thaler again cites the letter. Thaler notes that Grant wrote about her “true love” with McMahon and how she felt that he was “most handsome, radiant, charismatic person in any room”.” Lastly, the letter concluded with Grant saying, “You, Vince McMahon, are THE ONE. For the yesterdays and todays and the tomorrows I can hardly wait for, thank you my sweet beast. My heart is yours — always and forever.”

Vince McMahon remains under federal investigation regarding the allegations, which he has denied.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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