‘The View’s Joy Behar Tells Contentious Meghan McCain: “I Did Not Miss You. Zero”

Greg Evans
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UPDATE, with video That didn’t take long. The View cohosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain got into a heated discussion – also known as an argument – on Day 2 of McCain’s return to the show from maternity leave, prompting moderator Whoopi Goldberg to play her familiar role of stern referee. (Watch the segment above.)

During today’s Hot Topics segment, Behar was talking about what she perceived as a difference between Republicans and Democrats, specifically that Republicans seem more divided against themselves. “On the one hand you have the Republicans,” Behar said, “and on the other hand you have the seditionists…Among the Democrats you have the progressives and the moderates which is de rigueur.”

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With Behar still speaking, McCain interjected, “Are you kidding me?”, and then proceeded to cite divisions between AOC and Chuck Schumer, The Squad and Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, at which point Behar threw her hands up and said, “Excuse me, I’m not done.”

“Well it’s just that’s completely inaccurate,” McCain continued. After a bit more crosstalk, McCain said teasingly, “Joy you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave – you missed fighting with me.”

“I did not,” Behar responded in all seriousness. “I did not miss you. Zero.”

“That’s so nasty,” McCain said. “That’s so rude. That’s, like, so nasty.”

Enter Goldberg. “This is not the way to do it and I’m going to now become Whoopi and say Sara I’d like to hear from you right now.”

A couple minutes later, when cohost Sara Haines asked McCain a direct question, a seemingly pouting McCain immediately tossed to Sunny Hostin, drawing an eye roll and an “Oh!” from Behar.

McCain returned to The View Monday following a three-month maternity leave. She and Behar have a history of butting heads, with Goldberg sometimes angrily calling a halt to the sparring and crosstalk.

Several hours after today’s episode, McCain tweeted “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.”

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