‘The View’ Hosts Mock Brett Kavanaugh for Fleeing Morton’s Steakhouse With Protestors Outside: ‘Let Me Take Out My Little Violin’

The hosts of “The View” had absolutely no sympathy for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, after he fled abortion rights protesters last week. To them, it was exactly what he deserved.

Kavanaugh was reportedly eating at a Morton’s steakhouse in Washington D.C., when his location was made known to the public. Quickly, protestors gathered outside the restaurant, voicing their upset with Kavanaugh’s vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. In response, Kavanaugh reportedly left the restaurant through the back door.

Following the incident, Chasten Buttigieg — husband to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — poked fun at Kavanaugh’s response, tweeting “Sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions.” And of course, the women of “The View” took particular delight in the irony Buttigieg laid out.

“You ain’t never seen shade like gay man shade. You know, they’re like on a different level,” Ana Navarro joked. But for Kavanaugh himself, the ladies had no sympathy. “As far as Brett Kavanaugh, let me take out my little violin,” she said.

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Navarro added that she thinks it’s important that not only Kavanaugh, but all the Supreme Court justices see “just how angry so much of America is.”

For host Sunny Hostin, it was the cowardice and “hypocrisy” of Kavanaugh that really stood out.

“It’s just terrible hypocrisy, I think, by the justice and by those that were saying it was just so unfair that these folks were protesting, when not only were they peacefully protesting, they were protesting outside of the restaurant,” Hostin said. “He never saw them, and he never heard them. I mean that is just so ridiculous to make this big deal out of it and I think Secretary Buttigieg handled it really well.”

Hostin was of course, referencing Pete Buttigieg’s defense of his husband’s words. During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” after the tweet, Buttigieg said “Any public figure should always, always be free from violence, intimidation and harassment but should never be free from criticism or people exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin also mocked Kavanaugh’s choice to literally run the other way, especially considering there was no credible threat to him or anyone he was with.

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“The right to peaceably assemble is just enshrined in our American values, and this was not an extreme case,” she said. “He was not at risk, he was not in danger.”

Navarro did joke that she sympathized with Kavanaugh’s anger at the circumstances — but only because she knows how good Morton’s chocolate cake it. Reports indicated that Kavanaugh was “forced” to leave before dessert.

“I’d be upset too!” Navarro ridiculed.