‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Shreds Kyrsten Sinema’s Approval Record: ‘Only Person Who Seems to Like Her Is Mitch McConnell’ (Video)

Democratic Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema once again drew criticisms this week after she revealed that she and the very conservative Mitch McConnell have developed a new working friendship. But at this point, Joy Behar is pretty sure that Sen. McConnell is Sinema’s only friend in politics.

This week, Sinema and McConnell have gone back and forth singing each other’s praises, with McConnell dubbing the Arizona senator “the most effective first-term senator I’ve seen in my time in the Senate,” and Sinema touting their new friendship “that is rooted in our commonalities.” As a result, Sinema has received blowback from other Democrats — but that wasn’t surprising to Behar and her co-hosts on Tuesday’s “The View.” So she laid out a laundry list of people who feel differently than the Senate Minority Leader.

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“You know, she’s not popular in her own state,” Behar said. “Fifty-five percent of women find her unfavorable. Men don’t like her, white voters don’t like her, Hispanic voters don’t like her, voters 50 and over don’t like her. Younger voters don’t like her. The only person who seems to like her is Mitch McConnell! And Mitch McConnell likes her because she works with him to obstruct the Democrats.”

But even with McConnell’s support, Behar doesn’t see too much love coming from other Republicans for Sinema.

“She’s not going to be popular with the Republicans either, because she doesn’t have a religion, as far as I could tell, and she says that she’s bisexual,” Behar said, followed by making a buzzer noise and an ‘X’ with her fingers. “They don’t like that. So I think that she has a problem. She does not help the Democrats. We don’t need her.”

That said, host Alyssa Farah Griffin didn’t care for the idea that Sinema is “practically a Republican,” considering how often she still votes in favor of President Biden’s policies.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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