‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Scoffs at DeSantis’ Request for Federal Hurricane Help: ‘Isn’t It Socialism?’ (Video)

As Hurricane Ian rapidly approaches Florida, “The View” co-host Joy Behar doesn’t have much sympathy for Gov. Ron DeSantis amid his requests for bipartisan assistance in the disaster. On Wednesday’s episode, the host and comedian threw the governor’s own past back at him, joking that him asking for help is “socialism.”

To kick off the Hot Topics discussion, the hosts watched a clip of DeSantis on Fox News, in which he said “we all need to work together, regardless of party lines,” and thanked the Biden administration for their help so far. “We really need everyone working together to make sure people have their needs tended to,” he added.

“Isn’t it socialism when the government helps you?” Behar questioned cheekily, prompting Sunny Hostin to joke along with her. “Yeah, and the fire department’s gotta come, and the police. I mean, socialism!”

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Behar was, of course, poking fun at the fact that Republicans at large, including DeSantis, have taken to calling liberals socialists. DeSantis’ own supporters have said, “We are ‘Ready for Ron’ because we’re ready to defeat socialism – before it’s too late.”

As the discussion continued, Behar didn’t lighten up on the Florida governor, arguing that “he could use some of that money that he used to get those migrants to Martha’s Vineyard” for something as monumental as Hurricane Ian. At that, Hostin agreed and noted that this disaster will be “a test for him.”

That said, Behar did say that she thinks, one way or another, DeSantis will figure out how to handle everything. Meanwhile, moderator Whoopi Goldberg was baffled by the governor praising Biden and his administration for helping out as the hurricane approached.

“He’s the President of the United States. That includes Florida,” Whoopi said. “And you don’t have to agree with him about stuff, but these are his people, your people, our people. That’s what you’re supposed to do!”

“This is not politics. These are people’s lives. What did he think was gonna happen?” she marveled.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video below.

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