‘The View': Alyssa Farah Griffin Suspects Reports of Trump’s Political ‘Demise’ Are ‘Greatly Overstated’ (Video)

Though the Republicans’ “red wave” has largely proven to be more of a puddle in these midterm elections, former Trump communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin isn’t convinced the party is ready to completely split from the twice impeached former president just yet. On Friday’s episode of “The View,” Farah Griffin admitted that those reports might be “greatly overstated.”

In discussing the midterm elections, the women of “The View” touched on how the widely predicted “red wave” was definitely not a wave, largely because most candidates endorsed by Donald Trump lost their races. In the days since results started coming in, many pundits have started predicting that these losses could signal a shift in loyalty for Republicans.

Farah Griffin won’t believe that until she sees it.

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“I personally think, unfortunately, reports of his demise are greatly overstated,” she said. “I will say, I’ve heard from more elected Republicans in the last few days than even after January 6, saying, ‘We’re through with him, we’re through with him.’ But I’ve got enough of a memory to remember those of us like myself, like Liz Cheney, who condemned him and stayed by it after January 6, who were quickly thrown to the wolves and everyone just went back to Mar-a-Lago and begged with a cup in hand, asking for money from him.”

That being said, Farah Griffin does still think that her former boss’s grip on the party took a massive hit this week. She just isn’t totally convinced of a full split yet.

“He’s definitely weakened. He was definitely the biggest loser of the midterms,” she added. “I think we’ll know more around January if he in fact is dunzo and if the DeSantis momentum is as real as it is.”

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At that, host Joy Behar questioned if Trump even actually wants to run for president again, given his track record. “He knows he’s gonna lose, he can’t stand to lose,” Behar said. “He keeps losing.” But her co-hosts remain convinced he will run.

For Sunny Hostin, it seems all but certain just because he has certain debts he needs to take care of. “He’s got a lot of legal fees. So he’s gotta grift off of people so he can raise money for the legal fees,” she said.

Of course, Farah Griffin thinks it’s less about the fees and more about attempting to avoid prosecution altogether.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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