Video Shows Matt Barnes Spitting on His Fiancée's Ex-Husband, Getting Into Altercation (UPDATE)

Image via Cliff Hawkins/Getty
Image via Cliff Hawkins/Getty

UPDATED 1/26/23 at 2:07 p.m. ET: A judge has granted Matt Barnes’ request.

TMZ reports the former NBA player has secured a temporary restraining order against his fiancée’s ex-husband, David Patterson Jr. Barnes received the TRO on Wednesday, just days after the men were spotted in a physical altercation outside Levi’s Stadium in California.

In his request for the order, Barnes claimed Patterson “jealous” of his relationship with Anansa Sims, and has spent the last several months threatening and harassing him. As part of the order, Patterson is prohibited from having firearms and must stay at least 100 yards away from Barnes.

The TRO will expire Feb. 16, which is when the case is expected to go to court.

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Authorities are investigating a physical altercation involving former NBA star Matt Barnes.

According to TMZ, the incident took place Sunday outside Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, ahead of the Dallas Cowboys-San Francisco 49ers game. Newly released video obtained by the outlet captured Barnes getting into it with David Patterson Jr.—the ex-husband of Barnes’ current fiancée, Anansa Sims. The footage appears to show Barnes spitting on Patterson before they get into a mild scuffle. Bystanders manage to break the men up, before they go their separate ways.

TMZ confirmed Barnes filed a temporary restraining order against Patterson just two days later. According to court documents, police arrived at the scene shortly after and identified Barnes as the suspect; however, the ex-Warriors forward claimed he was the victim and that Patterson had initiated the confrontation.

Barnes told authorities that Sims’ ex “hunted me down and aggressively confronted me” by shouting threats and profanities. He also accused Patterson of inciting the crowd “into a frenzy by yelling out my full name repeatedly.”

“[Patterson] shoved me, and I was forced to push him off of me,” Barnes continued. “I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment I spit in his direction in disgust.”

A judge has yet to grant the temporary restraining order, which would prohibit Patterson from coming within 100 yards of Barnes. The athlete also claims that Patterson has been harassing him for months, and even went so far as to threaten him with gun violence.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.