Video Premiere: ‘Voice’ Alum Kat Perkins Hits the Road for 'Drive’

There’s no doubt that badass songstress Kat Perkins is driven. It’s her drive, after all, that took her from her humble beginnings in small-town North Dakota (and later as a rock 'n’ roll nanny in Minnesota) all the way to the top five of The Voice Season 6. And she’s often on the road now, whether she’s playing gigs for kids in America’s public schools or overseas concerts for our troops in the Middle East. So it makes perfect sense that Kat’s new album, out this week, is called Drive. Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks is delighted to premiere the video for the album’s title track.


“I wanted 'Drive’ to simply be about having fun,” Kat tells us. “We wanted it to be what I call a 'summer song,’ and I feel like the video, hands-down, grasps that feeling of grabbing your friends, rolling your windows down, and singing at the top of your lungs.”

Sing along at the top of your lungs with Kat now!

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