Video Premiere: ‘Voice’ Alum Kat Robichaud’s ‘Carrie’-Inspired ‘Why Do You Love Me Now’

·Editor in Chief, Yahoo Music

Flamboyant show-woman Kat Robichaud is one of the most original and interesting contestants The Voice has ever known. She recently released the album Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits (available on iTunes), and true to form, her new music video from the LP — premiering on Yahoo Music today — “Why Do You Love Me Now,” is definitely unique. It’s also awesome.

Shot in one continuous take with no edits, and inspired by Stephen King’s Carrie, “Why Do You Love Me Now” stars San Francisco drag performers/artists/darling misfits Jillian Gnarling, Johnny Rockit, and Uel Renteria as the three “mean girls.” And if you’re wondering what exactly is so Carrie-esque about this video, well, you’ll just have to watch through to the end. 


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