Video Premiere: The Secret Emchy Society Debuts ‘Two Feet and a Dream’

Cindy Emch, who is the “Emchy” at the heart of the Secret Emchy Society, writes and performs what she terms “heartbreakin’ footstompin’ old-school country music.” She’s made a mark as a fixture of seminal Bay-area Americana-inflected bands such as Vagabondage, Rhubarb Whiskey, and the Oakland Wine Drinker’s Union, and she has just released her official solo debut, The Stars Fall Shooting Into Twangsville.

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the video for the album’s first single, “Two Feet and a Dream.”

The Secret Emchy Society
The Secret Emchy Society

“To me songwriting is about sharing a moment, a feeling with the listener — about making that connection,” explains Emch. “I wanted ‘Two Feet and a Dream’ to be the first single because it was born out of this magical day in New Orleans where everything clicked together to put me on a path to making the new record.

“I was tired and burnt out from my day job and had this unexpected day off due to weather, and as the sky cleared and the day developed it just kept getting better and better. I mean — having a day off is always great, but then hearing the bagpipes playing a song that I had recently been playing myself on accordion at my relatives’ funerals and just getting an emotionally beautiful sucker punch at St. Louis Cathedral, to later people buying me drinks at the Spotted Cat while the music just overtook us all, to finally this awesome elderly African-American lady getting me to dance to the high school brass band playing on the sidewalk at 3:30 a.m … everything about that day told me to put one foot in front of another and walk towards my passion and my dreams.

“Since I’ve written the song and taken it on the road, I’ve had people at shows come up to me after I’ve played it with tears in their eyes, telling me it was exactly what they needed to hear right at that moment. Then sometimes it just makes the whole room happy and full of dancing. Those reactions are the best reviews in the world. That connection, being in service to the audience and to the music like that, it’s what makes all of the work worth it.”

On another note: the adorable black-and-white dog featured in the video is Emch’s own rescue pup, Bosko. “He is on Instagram as @boskopup.”

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