Video Premiere: Model-Singer Carrie Lane Debuts ‘Think About It’

At the age of 18, New Jersey-bred Carrie Lane launched a double career — she started to write her own songs, as well as begin a path as a professional model. After some experience, Carrie was signed to MSA Models of New York and Los Angeles, where she’s become quite visible through a series of high-profile appearances, including a national campaign for Target last year.

In 2016, Lane moved to Los Angeles, where she finished writing and recording her debut EP, California Freaks, which was released last month. Yahoo Music is pleased to debut the video for her latest single, “Think About It.”

Carrie Lane
Photo: Anna Lee

In the video, Lane delivers a variety of high-fashion looks while trying to escape the memories of a lover with a bottle of booze. “It’s so damn hard to do, I’m a wreck, I’m a twisted little fool for you,” she sings as she dances around the memories with her partner. The rising talent delivers heartfelt emotion and exposes the pain of a broken heart before walking away barefoot as her lover drives into the distance.

“‘Think About It’ is a song for anyone who has turned to a toxic environment in order to escape a painful situation,” the singer explains. “For some people, it’s about hanging on to a person or a situation that isn’t good for them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a substance or alcohol; in this case the booze symbolized my escape and how I tried to avoid coping with a painful heartbreak by numbing myself to those around me.”

California Freaks is somewhat of a diary experience overall for Lane, full of songs about love and unbearable heartbreak, all written from personal experiences. Her last single, “If I Can’t Be With You,” was picked up and pushed by Forever 21, and she just recently became a brand ambassador for Nasty Gal as well. If you’d like to keep up with her schedule, check here.