Video premiere: Imani Coppola gets nutty with 'Mixed Nut'

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Singer-songwriter Imani Coppola has been making music since the age of 18, funneling her talent into both solo work and compositions for film, television, and commercials. Most recently she released her latest album, Hypocrites, in July to critical and fan acclaim.

Yahoo Music is pleased to debut a new video from the record, “Mixed Nut,” for fans to enjoy.

Says Coppola of the song, which addresses many angles: “I wrote this song sometime after meeting Kinky Friedman, who upon meeting me immediately asked which side I identified with more, my black side or my white side. I think my response was something snarky like, ‘I hate both equally.’ I was joking and trying to out-moxie him. Anyway, the question lingered for days in a way that could only result in a song being written to set the record straight in my own kind of way.

“I decided to use this song as a platform to poke fun at some current social trends, such as speaking in a manner that makes it sound like you’re always asking a question when you’re actually making a statement. The term for it is ‘up speak,’ and I find it to be incredibly irritating even though I am sometimes guilty of doing it. Another pet peeve of the zeitgeist is this fixation people have with claiming not to be ‘one to judge.’ Please, if you are a human being, you judge. … Overall I just wanted to portray the duality, the triality, even the quadrality of this day and age.”

She goes on to describe the making of the video: “The concept of the video was basic. Find someone to shoot and shoot something fast. … We shot it in a few hours in my apartment using a bunch of my artwork as a backdrop. The main objective was to be as kooky as possible and capture my nutty personality.”

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