Video premiere: 'Adventure Time' actor's band, Make Out Monday, debuts 'Kissaphobic'

Wendy Geller
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

If the vocalist in Los Angeles pop-punk band Make Out Monday sounds a bit familiar — but you just can’t put your finger on where you’ve heard him before — you might happen to be a fan of Cartoon Network’s hit series Adventure Time.

Make Out Monday’s frontman, Jeremy Shada, is the voice of lead character Finn the Human — and both he and his brother/bandmate, Zack, have a impressive roster of acting credits (including various TV, film, and video game projects). Their extensive work in the animation world has opened the doors for Make Out Monday to wow crowds at Comic-Con conventions ranging from San Diego to Australia.

Yahoo Entertainment is excited to premiere the band’s new video for the single “Kissaphobic,” which, true to their expertise and love of storytelling media, shows off a clever homage to one of the 1980s’ most beloved — and fun — films.

Make Out Monday
Make Out Monday

“When we wrote the song, we always knew we wanted to create something that felt like an homage to the old, but blended with a more modern rock sound. That’s why when it came time to make the video, we wanted to do something that matched and uplifted it,” the band explains. “Paying homage to one of our favorite films, Back To The Future, was our first choice. We wanted it to feel like the 50’s dance from the movie, but we also wanted to take our story in a more modern direction.”

The band just released their full-length debut, Visions of Hollywood, on Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to keep up with their schedule, check here.

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