Video: Package explodes on impact after being put on ground by unsuspecting employee

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A security camera from a Chinese logistics company in Qixian County captured a package exploding after one of the company’s employees handled it.

The incident happened in Qixian, a county in China’s Shanxi Province, on Jan. 2, based on the timestamp of the security footage. The footage was first shared by Sina on Tuesday.

The video starts with one of the workers unloading a package from a truck. The employee drops the package, which suddenly explodes the moment it touches the ground. Smoke then fills up the entire area.

A video posted on Chinese social media shows the aftermath of the explosion that left debris where the incident occurred. Ambulances and the authorities were later called to the scene.

A report posted on Baidu claims that the package contained a type of firecracker that ignites on impact.

It is unclear whether the employee who handled the package was injured after the incident occurred.

Featured Image via 九派新闻

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