Video Circulates of YK Osiris Reacting to Man Trying to Sell Him Candy: 'You Gotta Get You a Job'

At this point, it’s well known that YK Osiris doesn’t have the best handle on his own finances. He’s taken loans from Drake, Lil Baby, and Young Thug.

Yet, YK seems to be giving out advice. A clip of the Jacksonville native is making the rounds, showing him speaking to another person who’s trying to sell him candy. When YK realizes what the young guy is selling, he says, “You need a job. You selling candy, man? How old [are you]?”

The seller responded, telling YK that he’s 21 years old. YK then asked the kid what he’s into, to which he responded, “I like boxing… I like rapping.” YK didn’t seem impressed, saying again, “You’ve got to get you a job though, bruh. Get you a job.”

The seller responded, “I tried to do security, but they don’t be fucking with me.”

Based on YK’s outfit, it seems that the exchange happened on June 23 in Los Angeles at Spotify’s All Rap Caviar Experience, though it could have happened at another event that night. The 23-year-old hasn’t responded to the video since it started circulating online.

Earlier this year, in January, YK took to Instagram to declare that he didn’t owe anyone money after participating in the viral Money Challenge, posting a photo of $100 bills that spelled out “debt-free.” However, his triumph was premature as he soon realized that he still owed one more person. “Damn, I think I owe [Young Thug],” he confessed on his IG Story and tagged Thugger.

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