Victoria Paul leaves 'Bachelor in Paradise' after contestant reveals she has a boyfriend at home

The second episode of Bachelor in Paradise Monday night brought all the drama, when Victoria Paul, whom some may remember from Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, was being super shady on the beach.

The first rose ceremony of the season was quickly approaching, and with the power in the men's hands this week, Victoria P. was getting a little nervous about the fact that she hadn't made a connection with someone. Ultimately, she decided to just find someone, anyone, who was vibing with her, to secure a rose in order for her to stay.

"Victoria P.'s secret, she has a boyfriend back at home and she’s trying to use any guy here to elongate her time here on Paradise, just so she can go running back to her boyfriend at home anyways," revealed Tammy Ly.

That poor guy was James Bonsall, from Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette, though she had a really hard time figuring out his name. In fact, it was a running joke the entire two-hour episode that Victoria P. couldn't remember James's name. At one point she swore his name was "Jordan."

After Tammy dropped the bombshell news that Victoria P. has a boyfriend back home and effectively ruined her master plan, Victoria P. was forced to endure multiple uncomfortable confrontations. Ultimately, she just couldn't find a way out of her lie and, instead of continuing to be embarrassed, decided to leave the show entirely. But not before she dropped a big bombshell of her own.

"I tried to make something work, and I realized that I don't have to search for what I already have at home," said Victoria P. in her exit interview.