The 20 Very Best Jeans for Curvy Women of 2024

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We spent hours diving into denim and landed on these picks that are comfortable, stretchy, and actually designed for curves

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People / Kristin Kempa

Shopping for comfortable jeans can be a daunting task, especially when you need a pair designed to fit your curves. There are a few tips and tricks to keep in your back pocket, though, if you're wishing to make the whole process a bit more seamless.

"All of our bodies are different and yet most apparel is designed for a specific set of proportions," says Hina Low, a personal stylist and plus-size content creator (who works under the name Heensie). In order to find the best fit when shopping online, she recommends paying close attention to not only the size chart but also the garment measurements, if they're available.

Peruse our shopping guide below and then dive into the best jeans for curvy women of 2024, hand-picked by PEOPLE editors.

How to Pick the Right Jeans for Curvy Women

Reflect on Your Personal Taste

Heensie recommends to first think about which types of denim work best for your personal style and complement your existing wardrobe, including footwear. "If you have a style vision board (on Pinterest, for example), take a look at any denim that appears on it and see if there are recurring patterns in the type of jeans that pop up," she advises.

While denim jeans may be a classic staple, there are several styles that you can choose from to make your jeans personal to you. Everyone knows the tried and true skinny jeans, but you can venture out and try other styles like boyfriend jeans (L.L.Bean's Signature Organic Denim Boyfriend Jeans are an affordable option), flares, loose-fitting wide-leg (think the American Eagle Strigid Curvy Super High-Waisted Baggy Straight Jean), and plenty others to find the pair that matches your style and wardrobe the best.

Look at the Material Makeup

After you've determined the style, pay attention to the materials used, says Heensie. For example, those shopping for something more structured should opt for 100 percent cotton, or anyone who prefers jeans with some stretch should look for options that features a small percentage of elastane or lycra.

Know Your Measurements

Especially when shopping online, Heensie emphasizes the importance of knowing your measurements while studying the product's size chart. "Have a good awareness of your preferred measurements, including your waist to hip ratio and your preferred inseam," she says. "If you have hesitations about the size chart and if reviews are not plentiful, consider reaching out to the brand specifically for assistance around fit. Many of them have an email you can reach out to for guidance in this area. I do this for all of my clients and it significantly reduces returns."

Additionally, one of the most important aspects of the way jeans fit is the height, or the rise, of the waist. The most common rises are low, mid, and high, though you can find several options that are super high (take the Good American Good Waist Skinny Jean, for example). “A mid to high-rise is best to accentuate the waist, and trouser-type flares [can] elongate the body,” she explains.

American Eagle AE Stretch Curvy Straight Jeans

See at

Think of the AE Stretch Curvy Straight Jeans as the Goldilocks of denim: The pant legs are not too narrow and not too wide, making them the best of both worlds. (Plus, the extra room around the hips makes them curve-friendly.)

American Eagle gives this classic style a personalized edge with three washes, an inclusive range of sizes, and multiple lengths to appeal to everyone (impressively, five different inseam options, to be exact). If you're looking for a true straight-leg jean, though, you might find these a bit too baggy.

Sizes: 000-20, 5 lengths | Material: 94% cotton, 5% recycled cotton, 1% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Straight

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Modern Skinny Jeans

$30 at

$25 at

Who doesn't love to be comfortable — especially while looking stylish? For this reason and many more, we are obsessed with these best-selling Levi's jeans. These jeans are stretchy yet snug enough to hug the waist — you might want to grab a few pairs because they're that amazing. The skinny pull-on style has an elastic waistband that might not suit someone who prefers a traditional pair of zip-up jeans, but if you prioritize softness and stretch, these jeans are not to be missed. You can even deviate from the standard blue wash with one of the many colorful options to elevate your denim game.

Sizes: 2-28 | Material: 82% cotton, 15% polyester, 3% elastane | Rise: Mid | Style: Skinny

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans

$30 at

$25 at

Sizing available in regular, petite, and tall is always a win — and with a wallet-friendly price tag, this pair delivers an even bigger win. These classic Levi's are an ideal choice when you want to flaunt a fashionable look while also feeling comfy. We recommend pairing these skinnies with stylish booties and a chic, oversized top. The material on this pair of skinny jeans is a bit thin, so they may quickly begin to show signs of wear.

Sizes: 2-28 | Material: 78% cotton, 20% polyester, 2% elastane | Rise: Mid | Style: Skinny

Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love High Rise Loose Jean

See at

Embrace streetwear style for less with the help of these ‘90s-inspired jeans from Abercrombie. While the brand’s lightweight yet rigid denim offers zero stretch, the wide-legged silhouette makes this pair comfortable enough to wear all day (and night) long. While the wide legs look super stylish, they may not be ideal for a professional setting.

Meanwhile, the high-rise cut has an extra two inches of room at the hips and thighs so you’ll find a pair that fits your curves without having an unnecessary waist gap. If you love the look of baggy denim, here’s your sign to grab a few: Abercrombie’s pair is available in an inclusive size range, five washes — from stone to gray to black — and five inseam length options.

Sizes: 23-37 | Material: 77% cotton, 23% lyocell | Rise: High | Style: Baggy

Best Cheeky: Everlane The Curvy ’90s Cheeky Jean

$110 at

If you're like us, you know it can be a struggle to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable and stylish. This pair of Everlane jeans delivers standout results. With an adjusted hip-to-waist ratio, these jeans will hug your curves with no gap at the waist. Keep in mind that these jeans are non-stretch, so the denim doesn't have any give, but the high-rise style features "happy pockets" to make your butt look extra perky. Coming in a variety of washes and both an ankle and regular length, these straight-leg jeans are destined to become your new favorite.

Sizes: 23-33 | Material: 100% organic cotton | Rise: 11.5 inches | Style: Straight leg

Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love Low Rise Baggy Jeans

See at

Low-rise jeans, a controversial yet popular style that took over the ‘90s and early aughts, has made its way around again in the early 2020s. But, before you write off the low-slung style as “not for you,” have a look at Abercrombie’s Curve Love Low-Rise Baggy Jeans.

Here, the low waistline is offset with a little bit of slouch so they’re both comfortable and trend-conscious. (There’s also a hint of stretch, which makes this tough silhouette feel less constricting.) If you're ready to change up your high-waisted wardrobe, grab these jeans in one of the two blue washes or the perfect black jean hue.

Sizes: 24-34 | Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastane | Rise: Low | Style: Baggy

Spanx Flare Jeans

$148 at

$148 at

If we know Spanx for anything, it’s for good shapewear — a sentiment that stays true in their collection of jeans, too. These ultra-comfortable and stretchy flare jeans are designed with a pull-on elastic band to avoid any digging zippers or buttons and feature shaping technology on the waist and booty for that “Spanx” effect.

These jeans might not be the top choice of anyone who prefers traditional stiff denim jeans, but if you love a shaping yet flexible fit, your new favorite jeans have officially arrived.

Sizes: XS-3X | Material: 91% cotton, 7% polyester, 2% lycra elastane | Rise: Mid | Style: Flare

Old Navy Lilo Curvy High-Waisted OG Straight Ankle Jeans for Women

See at

"Last year, it seemed that everyone was really loving '70s-inspired flared denim and wide leg options," says Heensie. "That is still quite popular (especially baggy wide leg denim), but I am noticing a big uptick in requests for ankle length, especially straight leg denim or barrel leg denim that tapers slightly at the ankle."

Admittedly, finding a pair of straight-ankle jeans that celebrate your curves can be a nightmarish experience, but you might be able to stop your search and lean into this trend with these jeans from Old Navy. This light-wash pair comes in a diverse range of sizes (hello, 00-30) and regular, tall, and petite hemlines.

However, the fit is where this pick shines. With tapered ankles, a slightly roomier fit around the hips and thighs, and a little bit of stretch, the Curvy OG jeans offer a versatile straight-legged fit that isn't too restricting. There are also two Secret-Smooth front pockets, which make it possible to store loose change or your credit card without bulking up your denim.

These jeans are simple, so anyone looking for a lot of special details might want to consider a different pair, but for a jean that will look good with just about anything, we think these are a great pick, We understand that not everyone wants to splash out on a new pair of denim, so this pair’s affordable price tag is a nice bonus.

Sizes: 00-30 | Material: 83% cotton, 11% recycled polyester, 5% recycled cotton, 1% spandex | Rise: High | Style: Straight leg

Abercrombie Curve Love Ultra 90s High Rise Straight Jeans Light With Criss-Cross Waistband

See at

Everyone loves a good pair of ‘90s-inspired jeans, and this style is made even better by its crossover waistband that accentuates your natural waistline. This relaxed-fit style is loose-fitting from the thighs down, and you can even choose to size up for a looser, lower-slung look. If you prefer a classic, straight waistline, we totally understand, but normal waistbands are boring — switch it up with this asymmetrical style that’s sure to separate you from the crowd.

Sizes: 23-37 | Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Straight

Gap Midrise Girlfriend Jeans with Washwell

See at

As shoppers who fall on the shorter side know all too well, finding a great pair of jeans that don’t need to be hemmed can be challenging. However, Gap is making the daunting task a little easier with its Mid-Rise Girlfriend Jeans. Not only are these medium-wash jeans available in three lengths — tall, regular, and petite — but their legs also hit nicely at the ankle so they have a slightly cropped fit, making them the perfect jeans for short women. The cropped ankle isn't for everyone, so if you're not in favor of it, we have plenty of other options for you.

You might buy Gap’s Mid-Rise Girlfriend Jeans for their petite-approved silhouette, but their comfort will make them a key pair in your denim rotation. The brand uses just the right amount of stretch so you can move easily, but give you the support you need in the hips and thighs.

Sizes: 23-30 | Material: 99% cotton, 1% spandex | Rise: Mid | Style: Straight

Good American Always Fits Good Legs Skinny Jeans

$155 at

See at

Thanks to Khloe Kardashian's jean line, Good American, women across a range of shapes and sizes can own a pair of reliable, stretchy, high-quality skinny jeans that feel and look good. With a one-size-fits-all design, this five-star pair of jeans fits comfortably regardless of weight fluctuation. This means you can finally have a pair of jeans in your closet that adapts to all the normal changes your body goes through.

That said, those who are in between the brand's size ranges might have a hard time finding the right fit. Many reviewers call these jeans “the best,” so you might want to grab them in all three colorways. (Bonus: The website showcases models of several shapes and heights to give an accurate representation of how they'll look on customers.)

Sizes: 00-32 | Material: 81.5% cotton, 5% recycled cotton, 4.5% Elasterel-P, 5% recycled polyester, 4% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Skinny

Levi’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

See at

$36 at

Once again, Levi's wins our vote — what's not to love? From the way they hold their shape to the perfect amount of stretch in the hip, butt, and thigh areas, this is arguably one of the best jean collections. Plus, they're available in an inclusive size range and a wide variety of colors. We recommend pairing these super high-waisted jeans with a black turtleneck bodysuit for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Something to note: Some reviewers said they're quite tight around the lower legs, which is good to know if you have wide calves.

Sizes: 24-40 | Material: 85% cotton, 12% polyester, 3% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Skinny

Levi's 315 Shaping Bootcut Women's Jeans

$49 at

$60 at

If you have a closet full of skinnies, try adding a pair of tailored bootcut jeans into the mix. With a clean, chic structure featuring just the right amount of flare, Levi's bootcut jeans instantly give you the appearance of longer legs. The style also has a tummy slimming panel while the hyper-soft fabric is extra stretch and soft. If you're in search of a more dramatic silhouette, this may not be the style for you, but if you want jeans that are supportive and comfortable, give these a try.

Sizes: 24-34 | Material: 60% cotton, 23% viscose, 16% polyester, 1% elastane | Rise: Mid | Style: Bootcut

Madewell The Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jeans

See at

Madewell has won us over once again with its mid-rise denim. Available in a dark wash and sleek black colorway (but no light wash), these straight-legged jeans feature a natural fit at the waistline and slimming structure throughout the entire silhouette. The cotton material reminds us of those vintage jeans that never seem to lose their stiffness, while the dash of elastane provides that broken-in feel.

Like other denim options on Madewell's site, the jeans come in petite, regular, tall, and taller lengths with sizes ranging from 23 to 33, so you can find a pair that suits your body to a T.

Sizes: 23-33 | Material: 99% Cotton, 1% elastane | Rise: Mid | Style: Skinny

L.L.Bean Women's Signature Organic Denim Boyfriend Jeans

$109 at

L.L.Bean may not be the first place you’d look for denim, but with a relaxed, low-slung fit, the brand serves up the ultimate boyfriend jeans. The straight-legged pair is slightly fitted in the hips and thighs, giving you a borrowed-from-the-boys look without appearing too baggy.

They’re also available in five washes — some of which come with distressed marks or a frayed hemline — so they’ll have that worn-in look that makes boyfriend jeans so special, but might not be ideal if you're shopping for a more polished option. Play off their looser fit with a fitted bodysuit and comfortable strappy sandals to complement the ankle-length hem.

Sizes: 0-18 regular, 0-18 petite, 18W-26W plus, 2-18 tall | Material: 98% organic cotton, 2% Lycra elastane | Rise: Low | Style: Boyfriend

Good American Good Legs Straight Jeans

See at

If you’re tired of having to hike up a loose, ill-fitting waistband — or needing to wear a belt every single day — you will find a lot to love about Good American’s Good Leg Straight Jeans. This pair has excellent shape retention and a gap-proof waistband that will keep your jeans fitting just right, even if you have a narrower waist. (That said, don’t write this pair off as rigid: With a bit of elastane, this pair has a bit of stretch and flexibility for all-day comfort.)

These jeans have a dart seam, which may not be right for those seeking a more classic look. Available in two washes — both of which have a raw hemline — this cropped pair hits nicely at the ankle so you can even wear them as work pants with comfortable heels or your favorite flats.

Sizes: 00-30 | Material: 68% cotton, 26% recycled cotton, 4% polyester, 2% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Straight

Madewell The Curvy Perfect Vintage Jean

See at

Featuring a high waist and straight leg, the outfit possibilities are endless with this pair from Madewell. The legs are tapered, so you may want to consider another pair if you prefer flared or boot-cut jeans. If it's chilly, pair these size-inclusive jeans with a sweater and combat boots, and on warmer days, try an all-white ensemble with comfortable slip-on shoes and your favorite T-shirt.

Sizes: 23-33 | Material: 98% premium cotton, 2% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Mom

Madewell The Petite Curvy ‘90s Straight Jean

See at

Petite shoppers — typically, those who are shorter than 5’4” — will find a lot to love about these ‘90s-inspired jeans from Madewell. Between the snugness around the thighs and hips and the higher back-rise for a booty-enhancing lift, this straight-legged pair is built to celebrate all your curves. (There are even four length options, including petite, so you won’t have to worry about your inseam, either.)

The non-stretch denim might seem a bit tight at first, but once you break them in, your jeans will have a nice fits-like-a-glove shape — no tailor required. Go ahead, make them a core part of your wardrobe, and check out the brand's other curvy petite styles while you're at it.

Sizes: 23-33 | Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Mom

Good American Good Waist Skinny Jeans

See at

Most of us praise high-waist jeans for their power to accentuate our figures. Thanks to Good American's sizing, not only does this pair provide a cinched fit at the waistline, but it also embraces curves. They're form-fitting with just enough stretch and come in a few different blue washes, as well. If you prefer jeans with a looser fit, these may not be your best bet.

While we love the ultra-high waist, some people may feel the zipper and button placement to be uncomfortable since they sit at a different place than most jeans you may be used to. However, if you're not bothered by it, we recommend wearing them with a band tee and booties for a cool, relaxed outfit.

Sizes: 00-26 | Material: 94.8% organic cotton, 3.7% elasterel-p, 1.5% elastane | Rise: Super high | Style: Skinny

American Eagle Strigid Curvy Super High-Waisted Baggy Wide-Leg Jean

See at

Just because you're looking for some curve-approved jeans doesn’t mean you have to opt for a figure-hugging pair of skinnies or straight-legs. Case in point: American Eagle's Strigid Curvy Super High-Waisted Baggy Straight Jean, which comes in three inseam lengths. Petite shoppers with shorter legs might find that the wider silhouette contains too much fabric, but if you like the fit, these jeans offer a refined take on the trendy baggy style.

Unlike typical baggy jeans — which are wide, but veer on the more casual end of the denim spectrum — this pair gradually has just the right amount of volume to offer a dash of polish of drama. And, when paired with a high-rise waistline, these soft-meets-stretchy jeans can create the illusion of elongated legs.

Sizes: 000-20 | Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastane | Rise: High | Style: Wide leg

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jeans should a curvy woman wear?

To put it plainly, the best jeans for curvy women (or anyone, for that matter) are jeans that fit well and evoke confidence. Beyond the right size, there are several styles of jeans that are particularly ideal for a curvy silhouette.

The best high-waisted jeans should sit comfortably on top of the hip and hug the waist. They should follow the natural lines of the body to produce a leg-lengthening effect — a look achieved particularly by Levi's High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans with a mid or high waist, like the Nine West Heidi Pull-On Skinny Jeans, are also a good choice (when hugging the curves properly). Try a flared leg in high- or low-rise styles to balance out body proportions, or simply to try out a new style. Remember: you are not limited to a set amount of styles just because of your body type.

What sizes are considered curvy?

Curvy refers to a waist-to-hip ratio of .75 or larger. For example, someone with a waist of 27 inches or less and a hip size of 36 inches would be considered curvy. To find your ratio, divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.

How do you know if you need curvy jeans?

If you experience gapping at the waistband while wearing high-waisted jeans or if you fall into the .75 waist-to-hip ratio camp, you may benefit from a curvy fit. Another telltale sign is if your jeans tend to fit too tightly through the hip and thigh.

Are curvy jeans stretchy?

Not all curvy jeans are made with especially stretchy fabrics. Curvy signifies the cut and silhouette of the jeans around the waist, hip, and thigh rather than the type of material used. Good curvy jeans will have some stretch but not too much — like the Gap Mid-Rise Girlfriend Jeans which are designed to have enough structure in the hips and waist but are roomy everywhere else.

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