‘Venom’ Finally Debuts Footage of CGI Tom Hardy in a Full Blown Action Scene — Watch

Sony’s marketing campaign for “Venom” has been careful not to reveal too much of star Tom Hardy in his full CGI transformation. The first teaser trailer didn’t give any of Hardy’s look away, while recent promo material has offered up bits and pieces of Hardy as the eponymous anti-hero and quick glimpses at action scenes. With just a over a week before the film’s nationwide release, Sony is fully pulling back the curtain and debuting a first look at CGI Hardy in full action mode.

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The clip below, entitled “To Protect and Serve,” finds Hardy’s Eddie Brock facing off against armed police officers. When the law enforcement officials refuse to stand down, Hardy transforms into Venom and attacks them. Venom is seen withstanding explosions from grenades and stopping a bullet with his barehands. The clip arrives in the middle of some negative buzz online criticizing the visual effects that have been showcased in the trailers.

“Venom” is directed by “Gangster Squad” director Ruben Fleischer. While early rumors suggested the movie might earn a hard R-rating, Sony is releasing “Venom” with a PG-13, leaving the door open for a possible Venom/Spider-Man crossover in the future. The supporting cast includes Riz Ahmed as the antagonist Carlton Drake and Michelle Williams as Brock’s girlfriend Anne Weying.

Sony releases “Venom” in theaters October 5. Watch the action scene in the clip below.

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