Vegan woman enrages friend with ‘crazy’ housesitting plans: ‘She threw out [all] the meat’

A man consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice after his longtime vegan friend threw away his belonging while dog-sitting. “I had supplied her with plenty of dog food and gave her some very specific instructions … When I got back, my friend was still in my house, pouring food into my dog’s bowl”. “I noticed that the kind she was using was different from the kind I had given her … She then told me that she had thrown away the dog food I had given her and instead used vegan dog food”. “it didn’t end there. Apparently, she had thrown out all the meat in my fridge, including my expensive lobster that I was saving for later … [I] told her to get out of my house”. “While she was leaving, she brought up the topic of her pay for dog-sitting … I then told her that since she had thrown out my personal property, without even attempting to compensate for it, I wouldn’t be paying her”. “I think I’m in the right, but my family and friends keep blowing up my phone telling me what a jerk I am”. Reddit users agreed with the man. “Crazy vegans like this give us a bad name,” one user said. “She threw out the meat and now nobody can benefit from it. The animals truly died for nothing,” another commented