Vegan mom slams family over ‘disgusting’ dinnertime behavior: ‘bizarre and selfish’

A woman’s sister has banned her from eating meat in front of her niece. The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to discuss the matter. Her vegan sister recently had a baby named Bella . and doesn’t want any family members eating meat in front of the child. the Reddit user has a weekly tradition of removing skin from her homemade fried chicken, wrapping it around her drumstick and feeding the remaining breast to her cat. “I was doing my degenerate routine of wrapping the breast skin around my drumstick and chowing into it. My sister [...] started yelling at me that I was disgusting”. Most Reddit users didn’t agree with the vegan sister. “The way she’s going about it though is bizarre and selfish,” one user wrote. “Your sister is bothered by it, she’s using the kid as an excuse,” another said